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Atur was an adult male Courga who lived in a hut with his mate and their son in a village somewhere on the planet Courg. Atur's happy life began to go wrong in 3017 A.D. when an alien mercenary group known as Force came to his village in search of a certain clue that the Book of Antag claimed could be found there. The aliens found what they sought and left, but not Atur saw before one of them callously murder Atur's own litter-brother. Atur swore that he would someday avenge his brother's death and believed that his brother's soul was screaming for vengeance.

Mere days later, a battle between two other groups of aliens, the Guardians of the Galaxy and a force of armored Stark warriors, broke out in the village. During that battle, a blow sent Yondu hurtling through the air and through the roof of Atur's hut. As he approached the unconscious alien, Atur thought that Zan, in all his wisdom, had given him the opportunity to fulfill his vow. Atur then removed the alien's own dagger from its scabbard and prepared to use it to slash Yondu's throat but he hesitated, unable to stop shaking and weeping.[1] Before Atur could force himself to go through with his act of vengeance, Yondu awoke and asked if Atur was going to kill him. Atur said that he was but then admitted that he couldn't, berated himself for being too weak and stated that his brother's soul would be lost. Yondu assured him that it took strength to show compassion and that his brother's soul would rise with his strength and know peace from his mercy. When Yondu asked if the reason why he seemed to be feared above his fellows was because Atur had seen someone who looked like him, Atur confirmed that his brother's killer was "a blue one."[2]

With help from Firelord, the Stark force was defeated and the Guardians left.[3] Firelord stayed on Courg until other Stark had arrived and evacuated their defeated comrades, then he left as well. Unfortunately, neither he nor the Stark bothered to remove the bodies of the Stark warriors who had been killed. Those bodies soon began to release alien diseases that spread quickly throughout the population, killing the pups and the old ones first. On one day, Atur buried his father in the morning, his son in the afternoon, and by evening he wondered who would be left to bury him. Soon afterwards, the Stark returned, seeking vengeance. They decimated the population, leaving few survivors in their wake.[4]

A year and a half later, in 3018 A.D., one of the Guardians, Martinex, returned to Courg alone and was shocked to find the village was now deserted and in ruins, with multiple graves and unburied bodies. A knife-wielding Atur attacked the Pluvian who was able to easily overcome his unskilled assailant. When Martinex asked why he had been attacked, Atur revealed what had happened on Courg since the Guardians had left and blamed them for assuming that a show of force would be enough to keep the Stark from coming back.[5]

Atur was last seen on the planet Klatuu, where Martinex had brought him.[6]

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