Audrey Henning was a bank teller at the Sun Trust Bank, New York, who was accidentally shot dead by a security guard during a Mysterio botched bank robbery.

Audrey received a strange package at work and called her husband to ask if he sent it. She opened it to find a gas mask and a note instructing her to put it on, she looks up to see the room flooding with florescent green knockout gas. She quickly put on the mask as Mysterio emerged from the smoke. Mysterio told her that she wouldn't be harmed if she obeyed him and opened the vault for him.

They were interrupted by one of the security guards, who was unaffected by the knockout gas due to having been in the washroom when it was deployed. The guard pulled his gun on Mysterio and told him to put his hands over his head. The guard opened fire, but shot Audrey in the chest by mistake. Looking down at the bloodstain spreading across her shirt, Audrey stammered that she doesn't feel good before collapsing.

Later, the police held back a crowd and wheeled Audrey's body out on a stretcher, wondering who tried to rob the bank without stealing anything. In an alley, Quentin Beck smashed his helmet, sobbing in grief at having gotten an innocent woman killed.

Days later, Mysterio crossed paths with Peter Parker during a visit to Audrey’s grave. Retreating to his warehouse, he considered recording a short film renouncing violence as Mysterio once and for all, genuinely shaken by Audrey’s death.[1]

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