Quote1 She was a cellist, second chair. Portland Symphony; saw her play whenever I was in town. Ever see a beautiful woman play the cello? Quote2
-- Phil Coulson src

Audrey is a cellist living in Portland, Oregon. She entered a romantic relationship with S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson after he saved her from her superpowered stalker Marcus Daniels.

Before the battle of New York, Pepper Potts inquired about Audrey, and Coulson informed her that she had moved back to Portland following a tour. Tony Stark offered to fly Coulson out to Portland on a weekend of his choice in order to "keep love alive".[1] In Portland, she obtained a position as a second chair in Portland Symphony Orchestra. Whenever Coulson was in town, he saw her play[2] and he often invited her to dinner at the Richmond.[3]

Their relationship ended tragically when she was informed that Agent Coulson was killed in the line of duty.

Marcus Daniels was eventually freed from his prison by Hydra, and immediately made his way back to Audrey. Coulson, who had secretly been revived some time before, made it his personal mission to protect her from Daniels, but couldn't let her know he was alive again. Posing as CIA, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Jemma Simmons and Antoine Triplett picked Audrey up as she was being attacked by Daniels. But once they made it to a safehouse, she deduced that they were actually S.H.I.E.L.D. and stated that she didn't believed what others were saying about the fallen agency. The agent later took her to an auditorium where she would play a concert to draw him into a trap. The trap worked, and the team caused Daniels to explode, releasing a blast of Darkforce energy that hit Audrey. Coulson, who had kept himself hidden from her the entire time, rushed to her side. She heard him speak, but by the time she had opened her eyes she found Simmons leaning over her.[4]


Skilled cellist

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