Augor was a dissident from Dartayus, a planet in the Negative Zone. While on a walkabout in the outskirts of the city, Augor and his peers were attacked by outcast Kologoth Antares. Kologoth sensed something different in Augor, and spared him. Augor then re-introduced Kologoth to society, showing him its ugly side as well.[1] Augor introduced Kologoth to the ancient deity of Scythian,[2] about whom Kologoth began to preach to garner followers for himself.[1]

When Kologoth became a revolutionary leader and formed the Dartayus Union,[1] Augor remained by his side as his right hand and lover.[3] Augor and the union continued fighting against the establishment after Kologoth was exiled to Earth by the Dartayus Parliament. When Kologoth managed to contact Augor, he promised his liege to retrieve him.[1] Some time later, Augor fulfilled his promise, leading a ship through a portal to Earth to rescue and reunite with Kologoth.[4]

Back in Dartayus, Kologoth carried on a plan to awaken Scythian from his slumber.[5] Augor wasn't aware that the ancient text Kologoth studied depicted Scythian as a destructive and remorseless god, and that his lover intended to bring him back as a tool for vengeance to raze the world that made him an outcast.[2]

When Scythian rose up, Kologoth's forces were fighting the X-Men, who had followed Kologoth from Earth in order to rescue two of their teammates the Dartayus Union took prisoners when they retrieved Kologoth.[5] Augor was shocked and horrified by Kologoth's true intentions. Following Kologoth's death, Augor helped the X-Men learn more about Scythian to defeat him, since he was filled with regret for playing a part in his return.[2]

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