The August Wu of the Coral Shore was the magical guardian of Hong Kong. Originally a much more traditional magic user, she was brought into contact with a normal lifestyle when she met and fell in love with Detective Sergeant Adam Gulliver in a case. Together, they had a girl named Alice.

August Wu (Earth-616) and Alice Gulliver (Earth-616) from Doctor Strange Last Days of Magic Vol 1 1 001

August Wu and her daughter Alice Gulliver

During the early days of Doctor Strange's magical career, the August Wu encountered said sorcerer when he was following the trail of Dormammu to China. She saved his life and invited him home to recover. After meeting Wu's family, Strange departed to continue the hunt for Dormammu. She expressed her desire to accompany Strange, but she had to investigate a demonic entity that had recently arrived to the shores of the city. Unfortunately for the August Wu, she met her end when she confronted this demon.

The magical abilities of the August Wu were passed on to Alice, who grew up to become a police detective who used magically-powered weapons.[1]

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