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Augustine Cross is the CEO of Cross Technological Enterprises he took over after the death of his father Darren Cross. He attended the 24th annual Conclave of Electronics Engineers and Innovators in Dallas, Texas. At the event he rubbed shoulders with Stark Industries, Cordco, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Roxxon representatives. At one point he was thought to be a suspect in an incident where the Raiders were hired to attack Iron Man, but turned out to be innocent.[1]

Years later, he resurfaced in Miami, Florida where kidnapped Erica Sondheim and planned to force her to transplant a new heart into the cryogenically-preserved body of Darren Cross.[2] He sent Crossifre to kidnap Cassie Lang, Ant-Man's daughter, because he believed her Pym Particle-irradiated heart could sustain the condition of Darren's body.[3]

After Darren Cross refused to invest in the Hench App, Augustine Cross hired Machinesmith to hack into Power Broker, Inc.'s databases so that Cross Technological Enterprises could steal his algorithm, and use it to create a Hench App knock-off called "Lackey".[4]

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