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Augustine du Lac[1] is a British fervent Catholic, and descendant of Sir Lancelot, one of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table.[3]

Due to his legacy, as well as his spiritual and physical virtue, Augustine was recruited by the Vatican. He was proposed to join Ulysses Klaw's invasion of Wakanda. Augustine assumed the mantle of Black Knight, and was given the Ebony Blade, which in the Vatican's possession, as well as a winged horse named Aragorn.[3]

Praying before the battle

Speech for the troops

Invading Wakanda

Banding with Klaw and his troops, Batroc, Rhino and the Nigandan Army, he questioned Klaw's motivation and faith, and made an inspirational speech before the assault.

Riding Aragorn, he then assaulted Wakanda Air Force Captain H'Rham as he was, along with Captain Ashei, heading to take down the rampaging Rhino. Destroying H'Rham's plane and forcing him to eject, he intended to slay the Wakandan pilot, only to get shot by him, making him fall from his horse, but he was saved by the flying horse, who caught him.[4]

He was then confronted by the Black Panther, who used a harpoon-magnet to drag him off his ride and attach him to T'Challa's flying scooter by using a magnet. He was forced to surrender, as the Panther threatened to have Aragorn taken down by the Wakandan Air Force.[5]

The crusader surrendered, letting the Ebony Blade fall down on Wakanda.[5]

Rhino and Black Knight in the hands of T'Challa


The Ebony Blade was soon after found by Shuri, who used it against the Radioactive Man,[6] and later by T'Challa himself during his world trip.[7]

It was revealed that Augustine was in custody of the Wakandan Security Forces for interrogation. The Vatican's request for extradition was also denied, and that decision was announced to the United Nations.[8]

His current whereabouts are unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Trained warrior.



Formerly the Ebony Blade & a spear.


Formerly Aragorn.

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