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Pug is a graduate of the NYU School of Law and put himself through law school by working as a bouncer at a nightclub called The Velvet Morgue. He went on to become a lawyer for Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway specializing in legal services covering all aspects of superhuman law.[1] His life was saved by Spider-Man after being attacked by four members of the Maggia crime family, ever since he has dedicated his career to helping superhumans in thanks.[2]

Augustus Pugliese (Earth-616) from She-Hulk Vol 2 11 001.jpg

He had a crush on his co-worker She-Hulk and made plans to ask her out while they were helping Spider-Man sue J. Jonah Jameson for libel but she was politely oblivious to his feelings.[3] This happened again after She-Hulk returned from a 3 long month adventurer across the universe. Pug had been feeding her goldfish, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, for her and tried to ask her on a date again but she was distracted returning a call to John Jameson and setting up a date.[4]

He and Jen would go on to become roommates, while she remained unaware of his obvious feelings for her.[5] Pug would later take a potion that prevented him from having feelings for Jennifer,[6] which also left him indentured to a witch whose name he was incapable of saying.[7]

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