Mister Tune's father was a German general and at ten years old Mister Tune fought during the Siege of Stalingrad on the side of the Nazis, he made a bicycle partially from the bones of his victims and would ride it while he fought. Later in life Mister Tune worked for the Brothers Grace, two international crime lords and war criminals who ran an international criminal empire. Mister Tune was their right hand man, enforcer, surgeon and leader of their troops the shockers, he was a psychopath who killed people while twisting their limbs into various shapes to make what he called 'statues', 'works of arts' and 'sketches', seemingly treating murder and destruction as art pieces.[2]

While working for the Brothers Grace, at a point where he had become dissatisfied with them, he came to New York City with them and was pitted against the Marvel Knights. When things didn't go well for the Brothers Grace in New York he sought to retire after finishing his 'masterpiece' which involved fighting the Punisher to the death at which point a device rigged to his heart would release destructive chemicals killing thousands of people and turning the East River red. With the help of Daredevil the Punisher was able to operate on Mister Tune, disabling the device before Mister Tune died on the Roosevelt Island tram aware that his masterpiece had failed. His body was then stolen from the morgue by an unknown party.[2]


Mister Tune was well trained in combat and demonstrated enough strength and speed to easily break multiple arms and legs in moments, he was also a surgeon specialising in plastic surgery.

  • According to Mister Tune he had fifty two children all of them boys[3]
  • Mister Tune claimed to have 'boxed with Hemingway', 'painted with Hitler' and 'danced with Marilyn'[4]

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