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Augustyne Phyffe was the son of Lord Julian Phyffe, a sorcerer. From him he inherited some magical ability and was trained by his father, but was not a good student. When his father was killed, Augustyne tried to take up his mantle, but was not satisfactory and soon became addicted to the mystical drug orphium. [1]

Seeking a fix, Augustyne traveled to New York to see Doctor Strange, offering him a magical book in return. Doctor Strange convinced him that the book was dangerous and had to be destroyed, and the two traveled to another dimension where to get rid of the diary they had to battle various other sorcerers. During this time, Augustyne kicked his addiction. [1]

Later, living as an artist in New York, Augustyne was targeted by shadow creatures sent by a being called Dyskor the Purveyor, who wanted him to sell his soul to a powerful demon. He went to Doctor Strange for help, who gave him some training in wielding his magical power. Strange defeated Dyskor, and Augustyne, realizing his power made him a target, persuaded Strange to magically take his powers away. Augustyne presumably went back to his life as an artist.[2]



Phyffe formerly possessed great mystical powers inherited from his father, but lacked skill in wielding them. He later gave up these powers with the help of Doctor Strange.


Phyffe is a talented artist.


Phyffe was formerly addicted to the magical drug Orphium.

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