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Located on Ingram Street[4], within the Forest Hills community of Queens, this house once was the hiding place of the fortune of 1930s era gangster Dutch Mallone. Ben and May Parker were living in the house with their nephew Peter when a Burglar tried to retrieve the fortune, long since destroyed by silverfish. It was recently put on the market following May marrying to J. Jonah Jameson Sr. and their decision to move to Boston for their own safety, following numerous threats to them and the rest of their family.[4]

Alternate versions[]


Aunt May's House from Marvel's Spider-Man 2 001

In Earth-1048, Aunt May's house was located on 15 Amfan Ave. After May's passing, her nephew, Peter Parker, inherited the home and eventually decided to move in. He tried to get his girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson, to live with him, but she wanted to stay in Manhattan. After she quit her job; however, she agreed to move in with Peter and even co-signed with him on the mortgage.[5]



In Earth-92131, statues which once belonged to the Six American Warriors were hidden in the basement of the house by Ben Parker on behalf of Keen Marlow. After his parents died, Peter Parker was also brought up in the house, which was left to May Parker after Ben was killed. Years later, S.H.I.E.L.D. were forced to interfere when May considered selling the house, and sent Marlow, now working for them, to retrieve the statues.

Aunt May's House from Spider-Man Noir Vol 2 1 001


In Earth-90214, the Parker Residence was located in Bowery, rather than Forest Hills.[6]

Aunt May's House from Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 39 001


In Earth-TRN207, Peter Parker never existed and thus was never a resident. The burglar was captured before breaking into the house, so Ben Parker survived and May Parker didn't sell their home.

While displaced to this reality, the Peter Parker of Earth-616 visited the Parker Residence hoping to trigger a similar chrono disturbance to the one he had at The Former Midtown High School. While there, he met Ben Parker, and the two went to the disturbance together. The Avengers found Peter there and captured him, until realizing he was stopping the disturbances rather than causing them.[1]


On Earth-TRN911, Peter Parker lives with his aunt May but not in a house. They live in an apartment in a building.[note 1][7][8] It has a glass door leading to the outside, suggesting that it is the ground floor or it has a balcony. It is a fairly spacious area, with separate bedrooms for Peter and May, and an expansive living room where May met her neighbor and friend Ana Watson. The ceiling was high enough for the Green Goblin to hover over the floor on his Goblin Glider. They had a telephone with a landline,[9] and a television set.[9] Apparently it is in a central area of the city.[8]



  • This house exists in the real-world as well. Its owners have the same surname as Parker's in the comics.

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  1. In the original Spanish, "departamento", meaning an apartment, specifically an autonomous housing unit that, together with other similar ones, make up a building or complex of residences.