Auran was a member of the Inhuman Royal Guard. She was Maximus' chief lieutenant during his coup to overthrow his brother Black Bolt as Attilan's king. The coup began when Maximus ordered Auran to kill Kitang for refusing to give Maximus the Genetic Council's support for overthrowing the king.[1]

Black Bolt, Queen Medusa and Karnak escaped to Earth during the coup. Auran tricked Princess Crystal into contacting Medusa to give away her location. Auran traced Medusa's signal to the island of Oahu, and Maximus ordered her to go to Earth through Eldrac to "take care of" the members of the Royal Family in hiding there. Auran first tracked down Medusa. Although Auran believed she had the upper hand due to Medusa losing her Inhumanly powerful hair, Attilan's queen was waiting for her, and stabbed Auran in the stomach with a pocket knife she stole from a local. Medusa left Auran for dead, but hours later she recovered from her wounds using her own Inhuman abilities.[2]

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  • Advanced Regeneration


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