Gral's reign

Centuries after Randac's Terrigenesis program was restricted by extensive genetic testing, Inhuman leader Gral grew tired of the discrimination towards the non-human-looking minority and instituted a reign of terror by subjecting the entire population of Attilan to the Terrigen Mist, causing the three-quarters of them to transform into non-humanoid types and the population to be segregated into Mutation Camps where they lived among their own basic phenotypes.[3]

Auron's reign

Eventually, Gral was deposed by Auron taught his fellow Inhumans how to accept the wonderful diversities in peace.[2]

Following the lead of the Genetic Council, King Auron wrote his first edict under the Eastern Arch (also known as Regent's Arch): "Under this structure do we hereby establish the genocracy of Attilan; ratified by council, fortified by technology, unified by evolution." "From diversity comes Equality."[1] This last sentence became the credo of the Inhumans.[2]

Auron became one of the most popular leader in Inhuman History.[3]

His teaching was respected until about 2,500 years, when the winged Inhumans seceded from Attilan.[3]

Originally named "Auran" in the Inhumans' entries of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #5 and the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 #6, he was renamed "Auron" in Inhumans Vol 2 #2, which was confirmed in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 4 #14.

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