The Autanians are humanoids that lived on the planet Autan. They were forced into slave mining by the creature known as the Brain Monster who required gold in order to survive. However, Grail, the leader of the Autanians convinced his people to stop mining gold for the Brain Monster. The Brain Monster then turned its sights to Earth and its Cube Men brought the Earth heroine known as Sun Girl to help with his harvest of Earthen gold.

Sun Girl, learning that the Autanians were to be sentenced to death, instead convinced the Brain Monster to let her talk the Autanians into going back to work instead. The Brain Monster allowed for this, and Sun Girl convinced Grail and his people to go back to work for the Brain Monster and plan a mutiny. Sun Girl and Grail were then taken to the Brain Monster. There Grail helped Sun Girl get out of her binds and she slew the monster with her sun beam. With the Brain Monster dead, the Cube Men fell inert as well and the Autanians were free. In thanks they helped Sun Girl return to Earth.


Habitat: Wasteland
Gravity: Earthlike
Atmosphere: Earthlike


Type of Government: The Autanians appear to be a tribe like society, with a tribal leader.
Level of Technology: Primitive
Representatives: Grail, Mara


In the only appearance of the Autanians they are referred to as "Humans". However, it should be pointed out at that this was typically a general term used to identify aliens who had very strong, at least outward, similarities to Homo sapiens of Earth.

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