The Autocrons rule a galactic empire called the Autocron Empire (aka, the Metal Brotherhood). It is an expansionist regime. Whose fleets conquer planets and make organic worlds into slave colonies.[1] Under the code of the Autocrons, it's illegal to keep an organic being alive.[2] Rovers are sent across the cosmos who locate organic worlds for conquest, broadcasting their location to the Autocron Fleet.[1] Holocaust Specialists are a type of Autocron who are equipped to cleanse worlds of organic life for colonization by Autocrons.[3]


History of this race is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Metallic bodies that give them super-human strength, endurance and resistance to harm

Average Strength level

Super-human, at least 5 tons


Habitat: Land covers 98% of planet, rich in metallic ores, and with 85% of the land surface covered by cities
Gravity: 325% of Earth standard
Atmosphere: 290% Earth density, with high methane content
Population: 10 billion


Type of Government: Technocracy, ruled by a world computer
Level of Technology: Superior to Earth's with advanced interstellar ships with warp-drive
Cultural Traits: Militaristic, orderly, imperialistic
Representatives: Ten-For; Ten-Thirtifor

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