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The Automated Nanophotonic Vehicular Luxur ("ANVL" for short) was a prototype solar-powered car developed by Tony Stark. It was self-driving, cheap, and Starki, a digital assistant of Stark's creation. Tony expected the car to save more lives than Iron Man.

On the day Tony was prepared to showcase the ANVL to his stockholders, Loki visited the Stark Unlimited HQ and while talking with Stark at his workshop, tampered with the car's emergency brake and stole Stark's smartphone.[1] When he was confronted by Nightmare in Washington Square Park, outside the building, Loki convinced him to forfeit their mortalities for a duel to the death. Loki used the Starki in Tony's phone to turn on the car and make it dive off the building and into Nightmare, killing him and totaling the vehicle.[2]

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