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Quote1 A comfortable grave for me to die in. No more than that. Quote2

The Autumn Palace was the castle and home of Magneto on Arakko.[2]


After resigning from the Quiet Council of Krakoa, Magneto retired to Arakko.[3] Searching for a secluded location, Magneto chose to construct the Autumn Palace on what was the Elysium Mons, an island away from Arakko Prime and the Lake Hellas Diplomatic Ring.[2][1]

In response to Commander Brand forming the X-Men Red to police the Arakkii, Storm, Sunspot, and Magneto formed the Brotherhood of Arakko and used the Autumn Palace as their headquarters.[2][4][5]

Following his resurrection, an unhinged Vulcan arrived at the Autumn Palace to challenge Storm. During the battle, the Vulcan destroyed the whole structure. However, while Vulcan pushed his powers to their offensive limit, Storm used the help of Wrongslide, Sobunar of the Depths, and Lodus Logos to defeat him.[6]


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