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Quote1.png Apocalypse, hear me! I beat her fair and square... I could kill her now! You promised me... if I won... I could smash America's bread basket... and melt the fat off this land, forever! Quote2.png



Autumn Rolfson was a young, spoiled, anorexic girl who lived with her parents in Cleveland, Ohio. Autumn's parents were upset that she didn't eat, because that meant she might have had to go to a hospital again which would likely lead to her school grades slipping. Autumn's parents also pointed out that if the neighbors knew she was a mutant that disintegrated food, they'd think they were all freaks. Autumn was upset by this, thinking her parents didn't care about her, just the way other people saw her.[1]

Apocalypse waited in her room and told Autumn that she could get revenge on her parents and on those who hated and feared her. Autumn agreed and was teleported away to his Celestial Ship, where she cut off her hair and donned a sickly green mask. Apocalypse made her his Horseman, Famine. As Famine, Rolfson often bickered with the man chosen to be War, much to Apocalypse's annoyance.[1][2]

During their first mission, Famine argued with War and Pestilence as none of them wished to take orders from the other. They battled X-Factor in Central Park where they were defeated by Iceman.[3] After the fourth Horseman, Death, was revealed, Apocalypse pit his minions against each other to find a leader. Death easily defeated Famine and the others and was chosen by Apocalypse to lead the group.[4]

Fall of the Mutants

After Apocalypse teleported X-Factor to his ship, Famine battled Iceman once again. She was eventually defeated, but quickly recovered and joined the other Horsemen as they set out to Manhattan to cause chaos.[5] There, Famine battled Marvel Girl and easily defeated her. As a reward Apocalypse teleported her to America's farm belt so she could disintegrate the crops and cattle, but she was ultimately defeated by Captain America.[6][7]

Famine returned to Apocalypse's side shortly after her defeat.[8] After Apocalypse's ship repaired itself, Famine held up a glass in celebration with Apocalypse and his remaining henchmen.[9]

Apocalypse, fearing the Celestials' wrath for allowing X-Factor to escape, sent Famine, War, and Caliban to the Morlock Tunnels in search of replacements for the deceased Pestilence and the defected Death. After easily defeating several Morlocks, Famine and War turned on Caliban as they plotted to murder him without Apocalypse's knowledge. Famine used her powers to incapacitate Caliban, but interference from the New Mutants prevented War from finishing him off. Feral soon attacked Famine, who drained her lifeforce. However, while she was distracted, Erg blasted Famine unconscious. After the battle, Caliban returned to Apocalypse with Famine and War. Apocalypse ordered Caliban to take them to his bio lab for restoration, but to not let them rejoin Caliban again.[10]

X-Cutioner's Song

Famine later appeared alongside War and the new Death, where they captured Jean Grey and Cyclops and handed them to Apocalypse, who was Mister Sinister in disguise. The X-Men and X-Factor sought out the Horsemen and, though Famine took out Beast, she was beaten by Quicksilver.[11]

Dark Angel Saga

During her time serving as a Horseman, Autumn had an affair with Apocalypse and conceived a son, William. Fearing Apocalypse would view her son as a threat and kill him, Autumn went into hiding.[12]

Autumn and her son remained in hiding until she was found by Archangel during his ascension as the new Apocalypse. He recruited William, now codenamed Genocide, to help to cleanse the world and recreate it in his own image.[12] When Autumn later realized that he was turning her son into a monster just like his father, she pulled a pair of guns on Archangel and demanded he release them from his service. Archangel swiftly sliced her in half with one of his wings, killing her.[13]



Currently none. Autumn is mutant, and has been speculated (though this has not yet been confirmed or denied) to have lost her mutant powers due to the effects of M-Day, as she did not use them at all at any point from her re-appearance with Clan Akkaba until her death.


  • Jean Grey once said that after some time and enough food, Famine's effect wears off.

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