Ava was a student at the Hell's Kitchen School for Troubled Youth, and a resident of Hell's Kitchen.

She became the White Tiger after her brother and niece who were the previous White Tiger died. After becoming the White Tiger Colleen Wing and Iron Fist helped Ava with her martial arts training.

Ava stayed in Hell's Kitchen protecting the neighborhood when some of the other local heroes went to the Avengers Academy after clashing with the Kingpin, and the Hand.

When the Kingpin learned about Daredevil's secret identity, and put a price on his head, his Defenders teammates helped protect him from the Hand and Kingpin. Ava joined the Avengers Academy at the request of Iron Fist and Colleen Wing to help them.[1]


Seemingly those of Ava Ayala of Earth-616.


Amulets of Power

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