Avalon is a Kingdom in Otherworld and one of the provinces of the Fair Courts under the Starlight Citadel.[2] A realm of ancient magic beyond the confines of time and space,[3][4] it is directly accessible from Earth at several points[5] and as many other Kingdoms were either closed or extremely hostile to visitors;[6][7][8][9] most visitors from Earth never saw or knew of anything in Otherworld beyond Avalon itself. It has been described as a place of ancient towers and tranquil medieval splendor;[10] however, non-native visitors report that is appearance changes over time.[11]


An overview of Avalon with Starlight Citadel in the background

Avalon was created by Gaea as her own dimension realm and one of the first four Inner Planes.[1] Avalon was in many ways a reflection of the Earth during the golden age of the goddess when the forests were tended by her druids, the skies were aflutter with her faeries and the earth was green and full of magic.[12] A land of tranquil beauty and fairy forests, Avalon has long stood as a haven for honor, magic and the pursuit of knightly virtue.[4] Avalon is spiritually and subconsciously tied to the land itself in Earth’s own Britain. When Britain thrives, Avalon thrives, and when Avalon is in peril, Britain itself can feel the heat of the flames.[4]

Long under the personal protection of the wizard Merlyn, the seat of power at Camelot has been largely held by the great king Arthur Pendragon and his knights. From the fairy isle of Tír na nÓg to the noble Green Chapel, Avalon is lush and ripe with history and culture. Magic is in the very fabric of Avalon, and the realm is home to many powerful magi and practitioners, and as such, its people have long lived in peace, safety and comfort.[4]

Eighth Cosmos

Monarch, the current king of Avalon

Following the destruction of the Multiverse as a consequence of the incursions and its subsequent rebirth, Otherworld has changed and expanded. For millenia, Avalon was the only realm known to exist in Otherworld; however, it has recently been revealed that Avalon is but one of five Fair Courts of Otherworld, as opposed to five other Foul Courts.[2] In the frey, King Arthur disappeared in Camelot and, in his absence, Morgan le Fay became Queen Regent of Avalon.[13]

Shortly afterwards, Morgan le Fay declared war on the Omniversal Majestrix Opal Luna Saturnyne, the rightful ruler of Otherworld and all of its kingdoms. Following the first volley of Le Fay's attack, the Starlight Citadel was cloaked from view for safety during wartime.[14] Amidst the chaos, a gateway to Otherworld emerged on the newly-established mutant nation-island of Krakoa. Morgan le Fay planned to destroy the gate to prevent mutantkind's dominance over her realm; however, in the following days, a new Excalibur led by a new Captain Britain, the mutant Betsy Braddock, stormed Otherworld and dethroned Morgan le Fay. In the aftermath, Jamie Braddock was crowned king of Avalon.[15] Under his rule, the Kingdom of Avalon was open to visitors.[16]


Avalon is a small, otherdimensional planetary body, a relatively flat, asteroid-like landmass suspended in space.[5] Its geography is shaped, in part, by the collective subconscious of the British Isles.[17] The Kingdom of Avalon mostly consists of two main islands,[5] each of them one of the Inner Planes:

Other points of interest include the Sunken Kingdom of Lyonesse, of which only a few scattered islands remain,[5] and Tír fo Thuinn, a realm under the seas.[20] Tír na nÓg houses entrances to the Fomorian’s Dark Realm and the Celtic underworld Annwn, while Avalon’s Great Rift leads down into the Netherworld.[5]


Portal to Otherworld from Stonehenge

Avalon is spiritually and subconsciously tied to the British Isles[4] and is intimately connected to its symbolic sites in the Earth realm.[17] In places of power, permanent portals provide access between Earth and Otherworld's Avalon Kingdom,[5] including the ring of standing stones in the Cheviot HillsDarkmoor,[21] Stonehenge,[17] the Tower of London, Avebury, the Buckingham Palace, Hadrian's Wall, Cragside in Northumberland, Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, Cavern Club in Liverpool, Karl Marx grave at Highgate Cemetery, Alan Moore's Greenhouse in Northampton[22] the Long Man of Wilmington, Glastonbury Tor,[23] St. James Park[24], as well as various hidden sidhe (fairy mounds) situated throughout the British Isles.[25]

Routes created by the Twelve Walkers, men of power who perceived the magical Ley lines connecting the two dimensions also lead to Otherworld.[5][26] A small island nearby the village of Stanleigh, England, conceals the Gates of Otherworld, which can only be opened using Captain Britain’s Star Sceptre.[27] The Captain Britain Corpsmen are able to flow freely between Otherworld and their native reality at will.[28][13] The native faeries also have the ability to cross over back and forth between the two realms.[29][30] Recently, a gateway has been established between the mutant island-nation of Krakoa and Avalon, though it is only functional when empowered by ancient mutant bones.[31][32]


Isle of Avalon

The fabled isle of Avalon corresponds to the territory of Great Britain in the Earth realm.[20] It is known as the land of wizards and kindly, wondrous men and a hidden realm of miracles without end[33] where spring eternal reigns.[34]

Castle Camelot

Following the fall of King Arthur’s kingdom in the Earth realm, Camelot was relocated to Otherworld by the wizard Merlyn, thus becoming the seat of power of Avalon. Castle Camelot lies on the edge of the Great Rift, which leads down into the Netherworld.[35] The people of Camelot dwell in the courtyards around Castle Camelot while the kingdom is immediately surrounded by Hildebrandt Wood.[36] After Castle Camelot was destroyed by Necromon, King Vortigen offered his own castle to become New Camelot;[37] however, Castle Camelot was restored to its original location and stands above the Great Rift once more.[13]

Domain of the Trolls

The Domain of the Trolls consists of complex cave systems within Avalon's mountain ranges.[5] It is located immediately east of Camelot and the Great Rift and west of the Mountains of Misery.[20] The Domain is home to the more humanoid Trolls of Avalon as opposed to the Forest trolls who dwell in the woodlands.[5]

Fairy Hillfort

Fairyland is the dwelling of most of Avalon’s faeries under the rule of King Oberon. It is located deep within the Forest of a Thousand Sorrows to the north of the isle.[5] Fairyland Hillfort, the seat of power of Oberon, lies on the summit of a hill surrounded by woodlands.[29] Fairyland also houses doorways to different universes, which are guarded by Oberon.[30]

Pyramid of Krokwel

The Forest of a Thousand Sorrows lies at the north part of the isle of Avalon, either northwest to Fairyland,[20] or containing Fairyland.[5] Though seen as a luxuriant forest,[38] it was known and also seen as a macabre place of dead trees and eons of agony permeating the air, a place with an unquenchable appetite for sorrow.[39] The falls in the Forest are guarded by Sir Benedict of the Falls and lead to the shrine of James Braddock Sr.[40] The Lords of the Thousand Sorrows, led by the Ogre Mage Krokwel, also dwell in the Forest.[39]

Gates of Otherworld from Avalon's side

The Gates of Otherworld are located on a small island nearby the village of Stanleigh, England, and connects the Earth realm to Avalon.[27] From Avalon’s side, the gate merely appears as the entrance of a cave.[41] In order to cross over from one realm to the other, one must withstand a blast of solar wind from the deepest reaches of space.[27]

Valley of Wailing Mists

The land of Gorre is located a day’s ride south west from Camelot.[36] Morgan le Fay once claimed to be queen of all Gorre.[42] The Valley of Wailing Mists is known for its overlying fog, which conceals Castle Le Fay, former home to the sorceress.[36] Presumably, as Camelot, the Valley of Wailing Mists and Castle Le Fay were relocated to Avalon, since they also existed in the Earth realm centuries ago.[43] Castle Le Fay was destroyed during the War with the Manchester Gods.[23]

Necromon's Castle

The Great Rift lies at the center of the southern part of the isle of Avalon, east of the Valley of Wailing Mists and west of the Mountains of Misery.[20] It is a bottomless gulf that leads down into the Netherworld, realm of the Nethergods.[35] Castle Camelot is built on the edge of the Great Rift.[35] Falling into the unfathomable depths of the limitless abyss means certain death.[44] Necromon's Castle, a citadel made of stone walls,[45] lies on the summit of a hill at the very center of the Great Rift.[46]

The Forgiven Forest

The Great Woods lie on the eastern coast of the isle of Avalon. It is located immediately southeast of the Starlight Citadel.[20] Presumably, due to its location, the Forgiven Forest[47] is part of the Great Woods as its wild thickets and conifers act as buffers between the province of Avalon and the province of the Starlight Citadel.[48] The base camp of the Priestesses of the Green is set up in the Forgiven Forest.[47]

The Green Chapel

The Green Chapel, located to the south of the isle of Avalon,[20] is the home of the Green Knight and it is said to be the source of all elemental energy in Avalon.[49] The Chapel houses many of Avalon’s most powerful magical talismans such as the Amulet of Right, the Sword of Might and the Holy Grail.[30] The tower is hundreds of feet high and apparently a natural rock formation; however, the entire structure seems to be alive.[49] The Chapel is guarded by skeletal warriors,[49] and a round table inside the Chapel is destined to the so-called Knights of Pendragon.[50] Mostly recently, the appearance of the Green Chapel changed from that of a rocky tower to a literal, small chapel;[30] however, when last seen, the Chapel’s original appearance had been restored.[23]

Morgan le Fay protects the Grove

The Grove of Sacred Trees was an area in Avalon under the protection of Morgan le Fay in her duty as priestess of the Mother Earth. Disheartened by Merlyn’s acceptance of Catholicism and diminished faith in Gaea, Morgan denied Merlyn’s request to enter Avalon’s Oaken Altar. The clash between Morgan le Fay and Merlyn lasted for six days. The sorceress burned down over 1000 acres of Avalon's most sacred tree groves until there was no grove left for Merlyn to enter. The lifeless area is currently known as the Darkened Heart of Avalon.[51]

The Halls of Avalon

The Halls of Avalon was the temple of Amergin Glúingel, the High Druid of Avalon, in the 12th century. The Temple, which was adorned with minarets, was partially destroyed in the battle between the Avengers and the Fomorians.[52]

Hobgoblin Bog consists of a misty bog or a group of bogs where goblins tend to congregate and dwell in Avalon.[5] It is located immediately to the west of the Green Chapel. Goblins are known to scavenge for valuables in the Hobgoblin Bog.[5][20]

Merlyn's Castle

Merlyn’s Castle[38] is an unoccupied castle residing in the isle of Avalon which once belonged to the wizard Merlyn. The fortress is built on the summit of a hill and a continuous flight of steep steps from the woodlands is the only path towards the gates of Merlyn’s Castle.[53] The Castle was once claimed by the artificial intelligence Mastermind, disguised as Merlyn's daughter Roma, until his defeat.[54] Presumably, Merlyn’s Castle remains vacant.

Merlyn's Tower

Merlyn's Tower was located immediately west of the Starlight Citadel[20] and was the counterpart of Braddock Lighthouse in the Earth realm.[55] At least two millennia ago,[5] the celestial Phoenix Force avatar projected an ancient tower at the nexus site of Otherworld's energy field connecting the multiverse's realities to anchor the dimensional matrix energies.[55] Merlyn’s Tower was ultimately destroyed by Meggan Braddock in the modern age. The Tower was subsequently restored; however, it was attacked during the War with the Manchester Gods.[23]

The Mists of Time

The Mists of Time are the thick clouds separating Camelot, in Avalon, from the Sunken Kingdom of Lyonesse.[56] One who dares cross the Mists of Time will not be able to see a thing until reaching the open skies above the seas.[57][5]

Mountains of Misery

The Mountains of Misery are a range of mountains located not far from the Great Rift and Camelot, east of the isle of Avalon.[20] Its jagged peaks, engulfed by dense clouds, pose a threat to anyone who dares fly over the Mountains, whether riding winged stallions or dragons, as air gusts with a force of a whirlwind pulls down anything in their way.[58] A great chasm between the Mountains leads into the Mountain Kingdom of Gargantua.[59]

Niamh's Lake and Castle

Niamh's Lake is a body of water on the northern coast of the isle of Avalon.[20] It is home to Niamh Chinn Óir, the Celtic goddess known as the “Lady of the Lake”.[60] It is a deep, dark lake surrounded by woodlands concealing the Lady of the Lake’s underwater kingdom.[61] The lake also exists on the Earth realm.[62] Niamh’s Castle was built on the summit of a mountain next to the lake.[20]

The Pits

The Pits of Otherworld were created by the wizard Merlyn as a yawning chasm from the grounds of Avalon. Falling into the unplumbed depths means certain death as one will be engulfed by the flames of the Pit.[63] The Pits are located near the Gates of Otherworld.[64]

South Woode Village

The South Woode,[39] or South Woods, lies on a section of the southern coast of the isle of Avalon.[20] The small village of Davis Creek is surrounded by its woodlands and is mostly inhabited by peasants.[39] Also located in the Woods, the Cavern of the Insect Nobles leads out of the woods and is not to be treaded lightly.[65] The ring of standing stones of Stonehenge exists on the South Woods[20] and serves as a portal to the Earth realm[17] while the Vale is a route from Stonehenge to Camelot.[17]

Stargazer's Castle is a castle residing on the eastern coast of the isle of Avalon.[20] To date, the Lord or Lady of Stargazer’s Castle remains unrevealed.

Vortigen's Castle

Vortigen's Castle is a castle residing on the western coast of the isle of Avalon.[20] It is home to King Vortigen, the leader of the six Proud Walkers.[66] When Castle Camelot was destroyed by Necromon, King Vortigen offered his own castle to become the New Camelot.[37] Presumably, New Camelot became the seat of power of King Arthur briefly as Castle Camelot was restored.[13]

Isle of Tír na nÓg

The fairy isle[4] of Tír na nÓg corresponds to the territory of Ireland and Northern Ireland in the Earth realm.[20] It is known as the home of the Tuatha de Danaan, the Celtic Gods, and of the fae people.

Tír na nÓg

Falias is one of the four cities in Tír na nÓg inhabited by the Tuatha de Danaan. The city is located on the northwest coast of the isle.[20]

Finias is one of the four cities in Tír na nÓg inhabited by the Tuatha de Danaan. The city is located on the southeast coast of the isle.[20] Finias came to be ruled by the Celtic God Nuada.[67]

Gorias is one of the four cities in Tír na nÓg inhabited by the Tuatha de Danaan. The city is located on the northeast coast of the isle.[20]

Gwynn, the protector of the woods

Murias is one of the four cities in Tír na nÓg inhabited by the Tuatha de Danaan. The city is located southwest of the isle near the coast.[20] Murias came to be ruled by the Celtic God the Dagda.[68]

Gwynn's Woods is a forest in Tír na nÓg. It is home to Gwynn, the Celtic God of springtime and hunters and the spirit of the forest.[69] Gwynn’s Woods house entrances to the FomoriansDark Realm and the Celtic underworld Annwn.[20]

Grande Dame

Magh Mor is a region located in the center of the isle of Tír na nÓg.[20] Presumably, Magh Mor is ruled by the manipulative fairy known as Grande Dame.[5] The land is lush with green clover and golden skies, provided that sustained by Glamour, the lifeforce for all fairies and elves. Grande Dame rules over Tír na nÓg’s fairies, elves and leprechauns.[70]

Scattered islands of Lyonesse

Sunken Kingdom of Lyonesse

Lyonesse is a sunken kingdom, off the coast of southwest Avalon.[20] At some point, Lyonesse was swallowed by the seas. Merlyn would later attempt to instigate new heroes in the same mold as those of Avalon and Lyonesse.[71] A few scattered islands inhabited by trolls and goblins[72] are all that remain from Lyonesse.[5] Many great warriors attempted courageous feats to reach such islands, only to perish on their unfriendly shores.[72] Following the fall of Camelot, King Arthur’s body was stolen and hid in one such island having three standing stones, one of the remaining outcrops of the Sunken Kingdom.[5]

Tír fo Thuinn

Tír fo Thuinn

Tír fo Thuinn is a realm under the seas immediately west of Tír na nÓg.[20] According to legend, Tír fo Thuinn is one of the many places where the Tuatha de Danaan would have fled after their defeat by the Milesians.


The Red Lord

The netherworld realm of Annwn is the Celtic underworld.[69] An entrance to Annwn is located west of Gwynn's Woods, in the southern part of the isle of Tír na nÓg.[20] Presumably, Annwn is ruled by Arawn of the Tuatha de Danaan, the god of the underworld.[73] Supernatural hounds born in Annwn and known as the Cŵn Annwn are owned by Gwynn, the Celtic God of springtime and hunters.[69] At some point, Bodb Derg, an upstanding member of the Tuatha de Danaan, was banished to Annwn by his fellow Celtic gods. Bodb Derg eventually merged with the Red Lord, the aspect of the primordial Earth Mother Gaea that represents decay, entropy and destruction, and established a power base in Annwn.[74]

The Fomorians gather in the Dark Realm

Dark Realm

The Dark Realm is the subterranean realm where the Fomorians were birthed.[75] An entrance to the Dark Realm is located on the northwest coast of the isle of Tír na nÓg.[20] The Dark Realm has the appearance of a cave, and a magical mirror emerges from its floor, through which the Fomorians are able to teleport themselves.[34] Whether the Dark Realm is truly beneath Tír na nÓg’s surface or a dimension in its own right remains unrevealed.[5] Throughout history, the Fomorians have attempted to conquer Avalon and the Earth realm on many occasions; however, time and time again they were forced to retreat to the Dark Realm.[75]


Courtyards of Camelot


The humans of Avalon mostly live in Camelot.[36] Many of the Earthly Camelot's inhabitants were resurrected in Avalon following their mortal deaths.[5] Most humans lead a peaceful and quiet life and live a medieval lifestyle.[4] The Green Priestesses, devotees of the Omniversal Majestrix Saturnyne, live alongside the Forgiven Forest[47] nearby the borders between Avalon and the Starlight Citadel. They are known to act as healers, hunters and keepers of the land.[48]

The Tuatha de Danaan

Tuatha de Danaan and Fomorians

Avalon has at least nine native humanoid races. The eldest, the Tuatha de Danaan and Fomorians, both descend from the primordial Earth Mother Gaea and are widely believed to be Avalon's earliest inhabitants.[5] While most Tuatha reside on Tír na nÓg, the Fomorians inhabit Otherworld's Dark Realm. The lycanthropic Tuatha de Danan[76] may be an offshoot of the similarly named pantheon, while the Nethergods who dwell in the Netherworld may be the Tuatha death gods using new names.[5]

Jackdaw, an elf


Three of Avalon's other races, the elves, faeries and leprechauns, share several common traits: They can alter their appearance and height to varying extents to appear more human, and largely view mankind benevolently, if as somewhat of an annoyance or a prime target for mischief.[5] Dwelling mostly in woodlands, the elves are slightly vulpine featured and furry, they can make themselves resemble chubby-cheeked children. Expert trackers and archers, many elves also possess limited psychic abilities.[77]

Fairies of Avalon


The traditionally mischievous faeries inhabit Fairyland deep within Avalon's Forest of a Thousand Sorrows.[5][78] With great size-altering powers, they vary from an inch high to human size; the faerie king Oberon often manifests as a giant.[29] Grande Dame rules a separate kingdom in Tír na nÓg.[70] Oberon's faeries are affiliated with the Seelie Court, those faeries that remained uncorrupted by the dark forces emanating from Otherworld's Netherworld region.[79]

Froud, a leprechaun


Tír na nÓg is also the home of most leprechauns, a diminutive race closely related to the elven and faery races. Though gregarious, they are notorious for making mischief and hoarding gold.[5]

Gargantua, a giant


Avalon's other humanoid races are often hostile toward humans, faery, elves and leprechauns. The giants, largest of Avalon's native races, generally appear humanoid.[5] Some were carved from whales' bones by a youthful Merlyn.[80]

Iron Ogre


Avalon's seventh race is the ogres. Voracious eaters, ogres are slightly smaller than their giant relatives and relatively dimwitted and exploited by other races for their great physical strength.[5][81] It is presumed that the Ogres of Asgard have in fact emigrated from Otherworld.[82]

Croglin, a goblin


The goblins, also known as hobkins and hobgoblins, are misshapen nomads who tend to congregate within Avalon's misty bogs, scavenging for valuables, attacking unwary travelers, and preying on elves and faeries.[5][83]

Trolls of Avalon


Forest trolls haunt Avalon's woods; resembling ambulatory trees, they can command vegetation to bind their prey.[84] Other more humanoid trolls[78] are vulnerable to Earth's pure waters, which dissolves the flesh from their bone;[85] they dwell in the Domain of the Trolls complex cave systems within Avalon's mountain ranges.[5]

Birmingham, a Manchester God

Manchester Gods

The Manchester Gods, who rose in the north of Avalon, resembled industrial cities, machinery and factories; however, their subjects, the Engels, were humanoid-like.[86] After the Manchester Gods sacrificed themselves to save the Earth, they no longer exist in Avalon.[87][88]

A griffin of Avalon


Avalon's non-humanoid races include unicorns,[89] winged stallions[38], griffins,[90] hydras,[90] chimaeras,[90] cyclopes,[32] centaurs[32] and dragons,[80] some of which can assume human form.[38] Several non-native mortals reside in Avalon, aging slowly due to the realm's unique nature and physics.[52]

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