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  • Fenris (Virtual reality and recap)
  • Dísir (Virtual reality and recap)
    • Brün (Virtual reality and recap)
    • Göndul (Virtual reality and recap)
    • Hlökk (Virtual reality and recap)
    • Kára (Virtual reality and recap)
    • Seven unnamed others (Virtual reality and recap)

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Synopsis for 1st story

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

Legendary writer Peter David spins a terrifying tale of Ragnarok! A solar eclipse is about to hit North America – but this is no scientific phenomenon. Darkness is coming, and with it, a terrible and ancient danger. Can Earth’s Mightiest Heroes avert Ragnarok, or will the servants of death prove triumphant?


  • Based on Iron Man's armor and the Hulk being a member of the Avengers, this story appears to take place in the time window between Avengers vs. X-Men and Marvel NOW!. The only major continuity discrepancy in this issue is Loki. Around the aforementioned time window, Loki was possessing the body of Kid Loki and had yet to age.

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