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The first day on the job goes pretty well for the newly-formed Avengers as they track down the Mandrill in the middle of a robbery. Faced with overwhelming odds, Mandrill opts for discretion over valor and comes quietly (much to Thor's disappointment). Meanwhile, the Black Panther makes landfall in New York City.

Amazingly enough, the Hulk displays his Hidden Depths when he is the only hero actually on time for the grand opening of the new Avengers Mansion. More than just a swanky home-away-from-home, it also incorporates a state of the art Elaborate Underground Base with all the expected bells and whistles, and an extensive security system, all managed by JARVIS. Thor finds the concept of an artificial intelligence rather disconcerting. But aside from that, the Avengers look like they're off to a good start. With such a large gathering of A-list superheroes, the technological and financial might of Stark Industries, and the implicit backing of SHIELD, all those fugitive supervillains don't stand a chance, right.

The cracks begin to show immediately when Thor's chivalrous nature clashes with the Hulk's brutal directness. Bruce Banner also begins to doubt the strength of the new partnership, believing that the Avengers are simply using the Hulk and will dispose of him once all is said and done. Stark and Pym argue over the team's strategy for dealing with the fugitives while Jan is just bored out of her mind. The team decides to retire for the night and Banner's doubts have more time to fester in the Hulk's mind. Except it's not Banner. It seems the sorceress in green is up to her old tricks again. Thor tries to be more friendly but thanks to her manipulations Hulk ends up leaving the mansion. In the interest of avoiding a panic, Pepper Potts sends Thor out to bring him back, resulting in a long-in-coming throw down.

But even the combined strength of the other Avengers is not really enough to bring down the Hulk. He comes within an inch of killing Wasp before the real Bruce Banner is able to reassert himself and frees Hulk from sorceress' magic. This forces her to intervene directly and the large, heavily muscled brute who was seen with her in previous episodes takes out Iron Man with one swing of his axe. Thor recognizes the pair immediately: Amora the Enchantress and Skurge the Executioner, both Asgardians. The Enchantress restrains the Thunderer and separates him from his hammer while the Executioner holds his own against Ant Man and Wasp. After some convincing by the real Banner, Hulk returns just in time to bail out the other Avengers and Thor demonstrates a novel use of his powers by supercharging Iron Man's damaged armor. After regrouping, the heroes drive off Amora and Skurge, but Hulk still feels that the others treat him like a monster and leaves the team.



  • In Avengers #2, it was the Space Phantom Who caused the Hulk to leave the Avengers, not the Enchantress and the Executioner.

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