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The Avengers are reviewing security footage from the attack on the Mansion and Captain America identifies the man in black that saved his life. As we already know, but they are just finding out, the man used highly advanced technology to bypass the Mansion's security systems and...he is now attacking the Mansion. The Black Panther manages to hold his own against all of the Avengers but eventually stands down, stating that he was just testing them. After he formally introduces himself, T'Challa asks for their help overthrowing the Man-Ape, who is now king of Wakanda and, as such, will be well-defended by the Wakandan people. Captain America objects immediately, citing the principle of self-determination.

Since Man-Ape won the throne in combat, tradition dictates that the people follow him even if they know his rule will be bad for Wakanda and for the world as a whole, and Black Panther warns them to make no mistake his rule will be bad for the world. He helpfully supplies further evidence of this by showing the latest satellite photos from the previously undetectable Wakanda where Hydra has begun mining the country's vast deposit of Vibranium under the supervision of the Grim Reaper and Ulysses Klaw. The Avengers need no further convincing.

Black Panther plots out a course through Wakandan airspace that will avoid most of her air defences but Iron Man chooses to ignore it, on account of the fact that the Quinjet has the latest, greatest stealth technology. It is promptly shot down by the even more advanced Wakandan military. The team regroups on the jungle floor below, but Black Panther heads off to confront Man-Ape himself. Iron Man sends Captain America to watch his back, even though the rest of the team makes it clear that this is probably not a good idea. Iron Man is confident that things will work out, since he is a veteran when it comes to fighting against Hydra and the Wakandan Army shouldn't be much of a problem. Well, aside from the Vibranium-tipped exploding spears. Conveniently forgetting how he was recently out-teched by Wakandan defences, Iron Man finds that he has gotten a little more than he bargained for.

Black Panther slips into Man-Ape's court with ease and challenges him for the throne. M'Baku does not feel the need to dirty his hands and sends his personal guards against T'Challa. The Avengers overcome the Wakandans after a difficult battle and proceed to attack Hydra's mining operation but Klaw reveals that the vibrations from their attacks will cause the Vibranium to explode. Grim Reaper decides that Klaw has outlived his usefulness and blasts him, causing him to fall down onto the Vibranium Mound where the resonance from his sonic projector causes him to transform into a creature of pure sound. HYDRA pulls out, naturally, and leaves the Avengers to deal with Klaw. The two royal guards proved to be too much for Black Panther, but Captain America intervenes, allowing him to face Man-Ape alone. T'Challa overpowers M'Baku but he is able to regain the upper hand by using a sonic emitter similar to the one Klaw used to disable T'Chaka. It doesn't slow him down for long though.

While T'Challa reclaims his throne, Wasp distracts Klaw long enough for Iron Man and Ant Man to implement a desperate gamble by sealing his sonic emitter inside a container of Vibranium that would either contain the vibrations or explode violently. Iron Man makes the attempt and manages to stop Klaw, although he needs to get someone else to stop him from vibrating. Now that Black Panther is king again, the Wakandans prepare to rid the country of outsiders once and for all, but Panther recognizes that outsider helped to save Wakanda as well as destroy it and that they cannot return to the old ways that were exploited by Man-Ape to cause all this trouble in the first place. As such, he turns Wakanda into a constitutional monarchy of sorts, and leaves to join the Avengers. A Hulkbuster squad is seen approaching the Cube, but they are massacred just as a green dome appears over the surrounding area.


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