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  • Weapon X Agents
  • Wakandans
    • Dora Milaje (Final appearance)
  • T'Chaka (Mentioned)
  • Doctor Myron MacLain (Mentioned)
  • W'Kabi (Mentioned)

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A group of Weapon X soldiers run into a room, being given commands to do so by The Professor, preparing to an attack an unknown invader. While the soldiers are waiting, the invader walks through the walls. The soldiers are suddenly attacked, and instantly fire back at the invader. One fires a grenade, which doesn't do anything to the invader. The invader then begins grabbing soldiers, and throwing them across the room. When all the soldiers are killed or knocked out, the invader walks into another room. He walks over to a large tube of adamantium. He then did a progress report, and mentioned that he was going to Avengers Mansion.

The storyline turns to Captain America, Black Panther, Thor, and Hawkeye in Wakanda. The four are leading a large, floating lab through the streets of Wakanda. Captain America thanks Black Panther for fixing his broken shield, and then tells Black Panther that the Avengers need him back. Panther explains how his duties are in Wakanda, and says that fixing Cap's shield is as far as he will go. Hawkeye gets mad at Panther, and mentions that he tends to leave whenever things get rough. Cap' calms them down, and says that the Skrull invasion hit everyone pretty hard.

At the Avengers Mansion, Wasp and Jane Foster are watching a horror movie. Wasp screams and drops popcorn, and then proceeds to eat a bit. Jane tells Wasp to stay still, because she's trying to treat Wasp's injuries. Wasp says that Jane's just here to see Thor, and Jane blushes saying "I...I don't know what you're talking about." Wasp then mentions that Jane has been "around a lot" since Thor returned from Asgard. Just as Jane asks Wasp if Thor ever talks about her, Vision's arm comes through the TV which the horror movie is playing on. Soon Vision comes completely through the wall. The two girls panic, and toss over the couch to hide behind. Wasp shrinks down, and protects Jane. Vision walks over to the two, and asks them where Captain America's Shield is. Wasp says she wouldn't tell, and then starts blasting Vision. The blasts do not effect Vision, and he simply grabs Wasp. He then asks Jane where the Shield is, after smashing Wasp into a post. Jane easily tells Vision where the Shield is, and Vision drops Wasp.

While Jane is checking Wasp, who's unconscious, Vision walks over to the wall. He doesn't a progress report, and then reaches into the wall. He grabs a supporting beam, and rips it out. The wall and ceiling collapse, surrounding Jane and Wasp in debris. Vision flies through the walls to the lower levels, where the Quinjets are. He hijacks one, and travels to Wakanda. He tries to steal Cap's Shield but the Avengers defeat him and Black Panther rejoins the Avengers, Vision goes back to his creator Ultron, and Ultron will soon become invincible!



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