Quote1 Hello, Spider-Man. This is an emergency message from the Avengers. If you're seeing this, that means we're dead. But the world will always need heroes so I put together a fail-safe program if anything ever happen to us. You're up, we need your help. Each of you have proven yourself as a hero as someone has what it takes to be an Avenger. Avengers Mansion, the Quinjets, everything, it's all yours now. The world is depending on you, so go save it. Quote2
-- Iron Man's message to the New Avengers

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Synopsis for "New Avengers"

Captain America, Wasp, Hawkeye, and Thor arrive on Hydra Base after Tony detected concentrated chronal energy around Kang. When Kang starts angering Thor (who he and Hawkeye are in his cell), time suddenly stops as the Council of Kangs appears in front of Kang. After the council explains to Kang that his timeline's Avengers threaten all the other Kangs, they release him, gave him back his suit, and he attacks the Avengers present as time resumes. When Iron Man, Captain America, and Wasp shows up Kang suddenly teleports.

After JARVIS tells Iron Man that Kang is at Stark Tower, Tony sends all of the Avengers and himself to stop him. After a brief struggle, Iron Man learns that Kang has turned the arc reactor into a time machine of sorts. Before anyone can destroy it, Kang transports all the Avengers into a void, but before he gets sent, Iron Man tells JARVIS to activate the New Avengers protocol. Back at the mansion, JARVIS follows Iron Man's request and locates "the chosen recruits" using the computer.

After doing some web-swinging, Spider-Man starts having his lunch when he notices an aura around Stark Tower. He then sees an old-fashion biplane and a three-legged spider-machine shooting lasers and contemplates that "it's going to be one of those days" as a bird takes his lunch. As Iron Fist fights some ninjas, Luke Cage argues that he shouldn't fight because they're "Heroes for Hire, not Heroes for Freebies". After Iron Fist finally talks Cage into helping, he wonders where the Avengers are. While War Machine is flying through the city, he gets attacked by a spider-machine. Before he gets crushed, the Thing helps save him. After the machine is destroyed, War Machine explains who he is (after the Thing mistook him for Tony) and Thing asks where the Avengers are and explains why he's the only member of the Fantastic Four available.

After Wolverine helps Spider-Man take down some dinosaurs, a hologram of Iron Man explains to the six heroes that he created a failsafe if the Avengers ever died, and that all the Avengers' equipment is theirs and they need to save the world from whatever happened. When all six heroes meet at Stark Tower, they go inside with Spider-Man telling them who Kang is and what he is doing and trying to rally forces (which didn't go well). When they see Kang, they immediately go into battle, which doesn't go well through overconfidence and lack of teamwork. After making a retreat (which Wolverine and Spider-Man argue about), they all notice that more of Kang's future is coming to the present. Suddenly, Spider-Man announces that he has a plan.

With Kang's timeline almost in the 21st century, War Machine tackles Kang and he brought him outside where all the other New Avengers attack him, all except Spider-Man, who snuck back inside the building to shut down the reactor. With JARVIS being no help whatsoever, Spider-Man decides to remove the power cells operating it, but JARVIS declines it. Meanwhile, back on the surface, the other members are having a hard time even touching Kang.

Finally, Spider-Man decides that he should remove the power cells and if it's wrong, his spider sense will tell him. This does work, in fact. Luckily, this happens right when Kang was about to kill the others. When he notices that everything is returning to normal, he teleports back to the reactor to finish Spider-Man. However, before he does, he gets distracted by the Avengers returning from the void long enough for Spider-Man to pull the other cell, removing Kang's anchor in this reality. When all the other New Avengers assemble in the reactor, Iron Man is amazed that the New Avengers idea actually worked.

At the post-mission briefing with Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Spider-Man, Iron Man allowed Spider-Man to be a reservist Avenger, giving him the Avengers ID Card.


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  • This is the first team pose of the first Avengers after the theme song.

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