Captain America
We're not leaving him behind, Tony.
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Iron Man
Cap, this is it. This is the moment Kang talked about. The decision you make right now. This is what determines the future. If we don't shut down this wormhole, it's over for everyone.
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Black Panther
Iron Man is correct, Captain. This is the only thing that matters.
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Black Panther
I only do now as my father did. I protect Wakanda. But unlike any other Black Panther, I have had the privilege of doing it by your sides, as an Avenger.
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Appearing in "Operation: Galactic Storm"

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Synopsis for "Operation: Galactic Storm"

The alien Kree have arrived to create a wormhole linking our solar system and theirs- which wouldn't be so bad if they weren't tearing the sun in half in the process. The Avengers must head into space to save the sun.


  • The title of this episode is named after the 1992 crossover storyline of the same name.

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