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New York, from a bank, many bundles of money are shrink and stolen by who the camera records as Ant-Man. The following day, Hank Pym returns to the Avengers Mansion, Wasp thinks he's returning, but the only thing he does is to destroy most of his possessions and clean up his lab. Janet tries to convince him but is totally useless, after watching in the news a report about the bank robbery, Hank tells Janet he was to go. When Hank is checking his lab at Grayburn College, he finds his Ant-Man suit was stolen. Hank calls Wasp, but she's still mad at him and doesn't let him speak, he tells her he's sorry and cuts the call. As he notices an advertisement in the newspaper, he calls someone and starts telling his theory about the theft, meanwhile there's a flashback of the thief getting the suit, testing it, battling against "giant" ants, using the communication functions and committing the robbery.

As Pym finish from telling the story, the listeners are revealed to be Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Heroes for Hire, who takes the case. Continuing with the flashback, Ant-Man escapes from the bank, but is chased by a security guard's dog. He scares the dog by turning back to his normal size, and the guard calls for backup, he has to escape, but leaves the money away. In the present, Cage and Fist are in the crime scene, as they decide to look for any informer. Back to his lab, Pym is trying to build a machine as he accidentally destroys it and gets enraged.

Cage and First goes to an alley to interrogate criminals Mangler and Scytche, the first one tries to punch Cage many times, but thanks to his impenetrable skin, its totally in vain. Meanwhile, Iron Fist takes down Scythe with his knowledge in martial arts. Using his chi energy, First realizes Ant-Man is there. He tries to take him down, but when he moves to Cage, Luke smashes him with his hands, Ant-Man turns to his size and kicks Cage. He recovers the money he lost the last night and flies away.

Pym calls them telling them he finished a Pym Particle detector. At the hotel where Ant-Man is staying, Luke, Fist and Pym breaks in. As soon as Pym tells him to give up, he recognizes him as Scott Lang, the maintenance man at Graybrun College. After recieving a mysterious call, Scott tells the heroes his story; that he was an electrical engineer, and when his daughter, Cassie, got sick from a rare disease, he needed money for the treatment, and he messed with the wrong people, using his engineer abilities to steal, but he finally got caught. His daughter got better, but when he got out from prison, his career was ruined and started working as a maintenance man for the College. Scott's former criminal partner, Cross though he still had some money and wanted it back, kidnapping Cassie and threatening him with killing her if he didn't receive his money. Iron Fist, Cage and Hank offers him help, but he thinks Cassie's life is too important to let the police or superheroes to be interfering, he pushes away Pym and escapes.

In the docks, Cross is threatening Cassie when Scott arrives with his money. As soon as Cross realizes the advantages he could take from Scott's powers as Ant-Man, he forces him to keep working for him. In that moment, Pym, Cage and Rand arrives to save both Scott and Cassie. Using "Pym disks", Hank shrinks Cassie to keep her safe and Lang goes for her rescue. Fist and Cage starts fighting Cross' thugs. They take easily Comanche, Cockroach Hamilton, Gideon Mace, Piranha Jones, Big Ben and Señor Muerte.Ant-Man takes Cassie to safety as Pym is protecting himself from Cross' shots. Scott punches Cross through the room and tells him not to mess with his family again, when the villain asks what is he "gonna do", he contacts ants to attack him and finally knocks him out with a single punch. After realizing the good job he has done, Hank gives Scott officially the mantle of Ant-Man. Finally, Fist offers Lang a job with them, as Cage reminds Pym he has to pay them.



  • The officer who catches Scott Lang in the alleyway is named Officer Michelinie. The officer's name is a reference to David Michelinie who created the Scott Lang character.

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