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Quote1.png I told you when we last met this wasn't over Captain... Now it is. Quote2.png
Baron Zemo


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The Wasp is chases Whirlwind through New York City. The difference is that this time, it's not Whirlwind. It's actually the Enchantress in disguise and she has brought all the members she's been collecting along. Crimson Dynamo, Executioner, Wonder Man, Abomination and Baron Zemo all step up, and with a quick laser blast, disable the wasp.

The villain team then goes after the rest of the Avengers at the Mansion. The Crimson Dynamo infiltrates the basement levels and takes Stark out while he's working on his armor while Hulk is sent to Jotunheim by the Enchantress, and Abomination. Simon Williams and the Executioner double-team Captain America and Thor is lured back from his date with Jane Foster, and surrounded. With all the superpowered Avengers taken down, it is now up to Hawkeye and Black Panther to save the team. While Zemo and the Enchantress have their way with Captain America and Thor, respectively (again, not remotely what we meant), Panther distracts Crimson Dynamo and Zemo's "Wonder Man" long enough for Hawkeye to slip into the underground base. Both are captured after a short battle, but they bought just enough time for Ant Man to sneak back into his lab and retrieve a few things.

Namely, some kind of particle splitter to deal with Wonder Man. Quickly making short of Abomination, the three avengers get to work freeing the others first by injuring the enchantress in order to free them from their magic bonds, and then Thor brings back a very frosty and very angry and enraged Hulk from Jotunheim. The ensuing battle (which features the first ever shot of all eight avengers together in the show) more or less tears the Mansion apart but the villains are driven off.

While Zemo is understandably irritated by the loss, but The Enchantress says it matters little and communes with a shadowy figure Loki, informing him that the pieces are now all in place.


Captain America/Steve RogersBrian Bloom
Wasp/Janet van DyneColleen O'Shaughnessey
Iron Man/Tony StarkEric Loomis
Ant-Man/Giant Man/Hank PymWally Wingert
Black Panther/T'ChallaJames Mathis III
Wonder ManPhil LaMarr
Baron ZemoRobin Atkin Downes
AbominationRobin Atkin Downes
HawkeyeChris Cox
Crimson DynamoChris Cox
EnchantressKari Wahlgren
Jane FosterKari Wahlgren
HulkFred Tatasciore



  • In the beginning of the episode, the taxi driver is reading a newspaper called "Excelsior", the most famous word of Stan Lee.

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