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Quote1.png I talked to the police, the firemen, the people that you helped and I heard their stories about how you saved lives, how you never asked for recognition, or reward or even thanks, it doesn't matter what the newspapers say or the politicians or the whole world, they don't define who you are, you do and not by your words, but, by your actions. The truth will come out, but, until then I'm going to keep fighting just like you do. Quote2.png
Captain America (Steve Rogers)


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Captain America, still trying to earn back the trust of the public, teams up with the equally-mistrusted Spider-Man to fight the Serpent Society, who are trying to rescue Viper.

Iron Man and Captain America came to Ellis Island to find out that the statue of Cap has been pushed over by a mob, showing their distaste of him after the Skrull invasion.

This was, in large part, by J. Jonah Jameson, who Tony talked to later that day. He's still writing bad stuff about Cap, even after being told not to by Tony, S.H.I.E.L.D., and the president. Tony pushed the wrong button when he compared Cap's situation to Spider-Man's (which has been happening for years now), putting Jameson in a rant. Tony eventually calms him down by promising an exclusive with Captain America, even if he's in charge of a prison transfer. Jonah calls Betty Brant and Peter Parker to accompany Tony to Cap.

At the make-shift S.H.I.E.L.D. base, Hawkeye informs Brant and Parker that they're going to the Baxter Building to drop off some random super-villains (but why is a mystery to them). A mob outside the base starts throwing fruit at Cap when he's seen. Then, the convoy and interview begin.

Quartermain tells everyone that he's in charge or the villains and Hawkeye is suppose to see from his Sky-Cycle. The interview has a rocky start when Cap isn't denying anything and is taking responsibility for the Skrull Cap. This is cut short when Rattler from the Serpent Society starts attacking the convoy. Hawkeye tries to help, but is tackled to the ground by Death Adder. When Cap realizes that all this was for breaking out Madame Viper and King Cobra (who were on the convoy), he orders agent Woo to get Brant and Parker out of there. After he runs to the fight, a stray shot from Rattler hits the car Betty and Peter were in. She got out, but Peter was still inside. Oddly, when she investigated the car, she found only Woo. Peter actually got out of the car with the smoke as cover and started running down a alley. He started jumping up, using walls and fire escapes to get to a roof. When he made it up, he changed into a costume, into (shocker) Spider-Man.

When trying to use a different path for the convoy, Quartermain's truck was caught by Anaconda, who destroyed the engine and knocked out Quartermain. Concurrently, Cap was having a hard time with Constrictor and Rattler as Anaconda freed Viper and Cobra. Before Cap was about to die, he was saved the timely appearance of Spider-Man, who knocked both Rattler and Constrictor away. However, this causes for Rattler's shot to go wild again, and causes the truck with the prisoners to go underground, along with Cap and Spidey.

The truck crashes through a subway line and takes a car with it further down. Cap and Spidey make it down OK (somewhat), so Spidey attends to Quartermain while Cap checks the prisoners. After Cap makes sure they're there, he helps the people from the subway car out. Afterwards, while Cap explains that they can't radio for help, he hears people being scared and angry at Spider-Man. When Cap enters the fray, the crowd turns on him, Cap not caring. He tells them that if they follow Spidey, he'll get them to an access ladder, possibly before a cave-in. Viper gloats about how fast the world turned on Cap and that the Serpent Society will try again.

A little bit later, Spider-Man's spider-sense goes off and secretly warns Cap about the danger (and he doesn't think it's the tunnel). When questioned why he won't stand up for himself, Cap reveals that his actions will speak louder than his words. However, Spider-Man's spider-sense went off a again and narrowly saved Cap's live before getting hit by Rattler's shock, which came through a wall. When the whole Society surrounds the people and the heroes, Viper threatens that if she and Cobra won't get released, the people will suffer.

When Cap was about to get the cuffs off Viper, he pushed her into Cobra and he and Spidey started attacking the Society, with Quartermain taking the civilians away. Unfortunately, the Society is corralling the subway riders from leaving. Spider-Man quickly tries to resolve this. Things get worse when Rattler attacks a support beam to the tunnel, putting Spider-Man out of the fight to keep the top up. When the tunnel collapses on both ends of the tunnel, Captain America is forced to take on the whole Serpent Society with a freed Madame Viper and King Cobra. When Cap was about to be sliced up by Death Adder, he and the rest of the Society are pelted by rocks from the civilians. This proves to be enough distraction to save Cap's life. After a few more punches, Viper takes another look at the tunnel and decides it's better to retreat. With the Society gone, Cap is free to help motivate Spidey keep the tunnel up, who is having an increasingly difficult time. Luck was with him, when Thor picked the tunnel up from the outside, with Hawkeye, Iron Man, and Ms. Marvel accompanying him. Iron Man explains that they would have came sooner, but the fall threatened the destruction of a couple buildings. Then, through pure exhaustion, Spider-Man passes out.

The next day, Cap and Spidey, contemplate the new Daily Bugle paper, which headlines "Captain America saves NY from Spider-Man and the Serpent Society", which angers Spider-Man. After another "it's what you do" chat from Cap, Spider-Man tells him he's going to find Jameson and web his mouth shut, which Cap has no problem with.


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