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Quote1.png These men. They would make the ultimate sacrifice to stop you. Their power lies not in their abilities, but in their hearts. If I am to fall as a mortal, I will do so with honor, among fellow men of honor. So long as there is life, there is always hope! Quote2.png


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  • Dwarves (Only in flashback) (Final appearance)





The Wrecking Crew were attacking a truck, before being confronted by the Avengers. In Loki's prison, Enchantress offers to help Loki exact his revenge on Thor for a price, which Loki agrees to.

Back on Earth, Enchantress' magic has removed the powers of Captain America, Thor and Iron Man. While trying to fight the Wrecking Crew without their powers, Thor gets injured, before being saved by Hawkeye, heading to the subway. Enchantress reveals to Loki that the Avengers will regain their powers once Thor learns humility, then places Loki's spirit into the Destroyer.

While in the subway, the Avengers can't call in the others, leaving them on their own. However, before they could return to Avengers Mansion, they're attacked by the Wrecking Crew. While fighting the villains, the Destroyer shows up and defeats the Wrecking Crew, before turning its attention to the Avengers.

The Avengers are able to escape, while Thor loses hope of survival. He then realizes that Loki is in control of the Destroyer when it arrives to attack them. The Avengers battle the Destroyer, but fail to stop it. Thor tries to talk Loki down, where Loki reveals to Thor that the Enchantress removed the Avengers' powers. Thor, seeing the other Avengers' bravery, stands against the Destroyer, which breaks the Enchantress' spell. The Avengers, with their powers back fight off the Destroyer, stopping it. Loki's spirit, however, escapes.

Back in Loki's prison, Enchantress returns him to his imprisonment, before contacting Surtur, who tells her that "Ragnarok approaches".

Tony locks away the empty Destroyer Armor at Avengers Mansion, ensuring Thor that it won't escape.


WreckerJB Blanc
Iron ManEric Loomis
LokiGraham McTavish
HawkeyeChris Cox
EnchantressKari Washington
ThorRick Wasserman
SurturRick Wasserman
Captain AmericaBrian Bloom

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