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Chemistro is pursued and cornered by the Enchantress and the Executioner, who assure him that they mean him no harm, they just want Zemo. Chemistro rats out Zemo by telling her where she can find Arnim Zola, and the Enchantress takes his own weapon and changes him into a giant gold statue.

"I lied" - The Enchantress

Thor lands at the entrance to Asgard, and speaks with Heimdall. Thor is seeking signs of Amora the Enchantress, who has been exiled to Earth after her support of Loki's attempt to usurp the Odin-Power and rule the universe. A sudden energy burst knocks Heimdall to the ground, and he tells Thor that Odin must be told that "the seal is broken".

Back on Earth, Captain AmeriSkrull, the Hulk, Hawkeye, and the Black Panther are investigating a warehouse. They discover the Living Laser has been frozen into a figure of solid light. Iron Man comms Captain AmeriSkrull - they found the solid-gold Chemistro (and Wasp wants to keep him!).

The Enchantress and the Executioner confront Arnim Zola at his warehouse base of operations. Arnim Zola uses the Doughboy to entrap the Executioner and the Enchantress, petting him like a good dog, but it can only hold them temporarily before they burst Doughboy apart from the inside. The Enchantress blasts Arnim Zola while Zemo watched via security camera from wherever he is hiding.

The Avengers have returned to the Mansion, where Hawkeye continues to make his point that it doesn't matter who takes down the Masters of Evil, whether them or someone unknown to them. Iron Man and the Wasp have diverted to Zola's hideout, where they discover his body and the fragments of Doughboy. In the Mansion, the rest confront Zemo, Wonder Man, and the Abomination, who have breached the Mansion yet again.

Zemo explains that the Enchantress has declared war on the Masters of Evil. Iron Man and the Wasp crash through the glass skylight, interrupting Zemo, but no matter; Zemo is surrendering to the Avengers, so they will protect him and the other Masters of Evil still unharmed from the Enchantress and the Executioner.

Odin, Balder, and Thor have traveled to Nidavellir, the realm of the Dwarves, who appear to have all been slain; only their skeletons remain. Thor asks what could have possibly done this, and Balder replies "Twilight".

Zemo, having been informed that Thor is off in Asgard, becomes aggrivated. Zemo remarks that he has sent the Crimson Dynamo to delay the Enchantress, but she'll be coming here next, and without Thor there is no stopping her magics. Iron Man disagrees - he's been studying Asgardian "magic" and believes they can set a trap, using Zemo as bait, and neutralize the Enchantress. Zemo seeks the word of Captain AmeriSkrull that they will help him, and the imposter gives his word.

The Avengers anticipate Zemo not surrendering after they render the Enchantress harmless, but see no real alternative, since both must be dealt with anyways. Some Avengers start preparing the trap, while Iron Man leads others to help the Crimson Dynamo, who can sure use it as the Enchantress has him captured. Hawkeye and Iron Man attack, and the Enchantress realizes that Zemo has gone to them for help; the battle continues.

Baron Zemo and Captain AmeriSkrull are riding in the elevator, and Zemo monologues about how Iron Man and the others would betray Zemo, but he knows that Captain America would always be depended on to keep his word.

In the lab, the Black Panther tells Wonder Man that their device will cut off the Enchantress from the sources of her Asgardian magic. The Black Panther renews his offer to help Wonder Man and release him from Zemo's control. Wonder Man still hates and blames Stark, but the Black Panther tells Wonder Man that Stark has found a cure for Wonder Man's dispersal problem.

Zemo and CA join the Black Panther and Wonder Man, and the Black Panther explains the plan to take her down. The alarm rings, and Hulk, the Abomination, and the Wasp are waiting at the front entrance. Chemistro runs in, flesh again, begging for help as the Executioner, loaded with rocket guns, makes his entrance. Hulk and the Abomination attack while the Wasp takes Chemistro to the others. The Black Panther's sensors see through the magic, however, and the Enchantress reveals herself.

The battle is joined! Magic quickly takes down the Wasp and the Black Panther. Wonder Man attacks, but is rendered helpless. Zemo confronts the Enchantress, and commands Captain AmeriSkrull to activate the magic power dampeners; he is quite surprised when Captain AmeriSkrull does nothing to help. Zemo shrugs it off, and produces a runestone to use against the Enchantress. On the main floor of the Mansion, the Executioner takes down the Abomination, and continues his fight with the Hulk.

Odin has reached the Seal of Bor's Sons, which is indeed broken. Balder asks what force could break. Odin does not answer, and they descend into the chamber beyond. The Twilight Sword, which was behind the seal, is gone. Surtur has returned!

Zemo faces the Enchantress with the last of his Norn Stones, and using it risks breaking down the barriers to Musphelheim, the land of the Fire (and the only realm not accessed in Zemo's previous plan, as the gate was inside a live volcano). Zemo doesn't care if the world burns if he's defeated. Wonder Man breaks free just before the Hulk and the Executioner break through the ceiling in the violence of their brawl. The Enchantress sics the Executioner on Wonder Man, and the Executioner uses Hulk as a missile to down Wonder Man and Captain AmeriSkrull.

Zemo attacks the Enchantress with a mystic bolt from the runestone, but the Executioner takes the blast for her. The Enchantress knocks the runestone from Zemo's hand and seizes him, but before she can do him harm an electro-arrow strikes her. Hawkeye, Iron Man and the Crimson Dynamo have returned to the Mansion. The Enchantress blasts Hawkeye while Iron Man orders J.A.R.V.I.S. to activate the dampeners, rendering the Enchantress harmless.

Now is the time for Zemo to attempt his betrayal of his deal with the Avengers, ordering Wonder Man and the Crimson Dynamo to destroy them. Iron Man, the Hulk, and Captain AmeriSkrull engage the Crimson Dynamo while Wonder Man and Zemo circle each other, looking for weakness. Zemo draws his blade to kill the powerless Enchantress, and Wonder Man blasts it out of Zemo's hand; he's had enough of being Zemo's thrall.

One of the Crimson Dynamo's missiles goes awry and destroys the magic dampener. The Enchantress recharges,and tries to take the runestone, but Wonder Man destroys it and it explodes. Zemo struggles to stand, and Captain AmeriSkrull confronts him. Zemo remarks how much Captain America has changed, unaware that he addresses a Skrull., who administers a finishing kick.

Later, the Avengers are going over what has happened. The Black Panther notes that Wonder Man's sacrifice has saved them all, but nobody really believes that the Avengers have seen the last of the Enchantress.

The Enchantress wakes in a land of fire, in the giant hand of Surtur. She is clearly terrified, and screams as his flaming claw closes upon her.


  • The title of the episode is a reference to the massive crossover Acts of Vengeance during 1998.

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