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Captain America

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Synopsis for 1st story

The Avengers have rescued and revived the frozen body of Captain America from the Atlantic Ocean. The team discuss at length the suitability of Cap as an Avenger and Iron Man is very interested in the political credibility his membership would bring to the team. Disturbed by nightmares, Cap makes his way to the kitchen where he meets Rick Jones. Jarvis joins the pair and gives Cap much to think about regarding the Avengers and his own future. The Avengers go up against the subterranean Lava Men and Cap’s skills as a leader and strategist come to the fore. Tony Stark continues his discussions with Special Agent Murch.


  • This eight issue limited series explores previously between and behind the scene events during the early days of The Avengers. This issue deals with events surrounding Avengers Vol 1 4 and Vol 1 5.

New Information From This Issue

  • Captain America is shown to have suffered extreme disorientation, emotional mood swings, and memory problems, upon his revival. This was not originally depicted but later alluded to somewhat in Captain America #247. For instance, readers have always wondered why Steve Rogers did not recognize his war-time Invaders ally Sub-Mariner in Avengers #4.
  • In Avengers #4, Captain America meets Rick Jones in a hotel after the Avengers have been captured by an D'bari alien. In this issue, he meets Rick at night at the refrigerator of Avengers Mansion. When Steve Rogers originally met Rick in Avengers Vol 1 4, he noted his likeness to his former partner Bucky Barnes. In this issue, Rogers does not mention a resemblance.
  • In this issue, Iron Man notes that Steve Rogers has high security status with the U.S. government from his operative days of World War II. This is one driving reason why Tony Stark wants the Captain to join the Avengers. Iron Man wants to transfer Captain America's security status to the newly formed team. This will be an ongoing subplot for the rest of Volume Vol 1 1.


Sequence I (Captain America's examination by Henry Pym) appears to take place after Avengers #4 and prior to Avengers #5.

Sequence II (One Week Later-- The Battle With the Lava Men) takes place during Avengers #5.


  • Cap’s reintegration into modern society is not helped by his first taste of television which includes Letterman, music videos, and Fear Factor.

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