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The Hulk’s rampages continue to impact on the public's perception of the team and Agent Murch introduces Iron Man to General Wallace. Wallace proposes that the team become an official arm of the military. Meanwhile Captain America and Rick Jones travel to the Arlington National Cemetery and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The Avengers take on the Masters of Evil and Captain America discovers their leader is his World War II nemesis, Baron Zemo.


  • This eight issue limited series explores previously between and behind the scenes events during the early days of The Avengers. Avengers:EMH Vol 1 3 deals with events surrounding Avengers #6.
    • Sequence Vol 1 1 (Cap visits Arlington and Washington, D.C. takes place between Avengers #5 and Avengers #6.
    • Sequence Vol 1 2 ("One Week Later") takes places during Avengers #6
  • The Hulk's rampage and encounter with the U.S. Army appears to take place in Tales to Astonish #61; however, the encounter appears to have had much more details and destruction than previously presented to readers.

New and Different Information Presented this Issue

  • Thor apparently named this group of villains "Masters of Evil." The name obviously caught on.
  • Captain America visits the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which obviously did not exist when this original story between Avengers #56 was published in 1965.
  • Baron Zemo appears to shoot Captain America, grazing him in the head; however, in Avengers #6, Zemo's un-named pilot shot Cap. Additionally, the wound Captain suffers is shown to be much more severe than originally chronicled. Cap is unconscious at the end of this story and will be bandaged and still recovering next issue.

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