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Quote1 The rest of you Avengers... Assemble. Quote2
Captain America

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Synopsis for 1st story

Captain America tells the Avengers the story of how Bucky Barnes died when he and Cap went up against Zemo during the War. Iron Man gives General Wallace the Avengers' answer to the offer of becoming part of the military and then goes to investigate an unidentified spacecraft. Captain America gives an interview for Stars and Stripes about what being an Avenger is all about. The Avengers engage Kang The Conqueror in an extended battle. Thor has a heart-to-heart talk with Captain America about revenge.


  • This eight issue limited series explores previously between and behind the scenes events during the early days of The Avengers. Avengers:EMH Vol 1 4 deals with events surrounding Avengers Vol 1 8.

New Information From This Issue[]

  • Thor is seen somewhat encouraging Captain America to take his vengeance on his long time enemy Heinrich Zemo. In their next encounter, Zemo will soon be slain in a battle with Captain America.
  • Captain America now has the distinction of first uttering the team's battlecry "Avengers Assemble". Previously, the mighty Thor was thought to first utter it in Avengers #10.


  • 1st sequence (The team recovering in the Mansion) of this issue take place after Avengers #6.
  • 2nd sequence (Battle with Kang) takes place during Avengers #8.
  • The Third sequence ("Three Days Later) takes place between Avengers #8 and Avengers #9.


  • Kang the Conqueror first appeared in Avengers V1 Vol 1 8 July 1964.

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