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Baron Zemo on meeting Captain America face to face

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New Information From This Issue

  • Captain America electronically reports spotting The Executioner and The Enchantress. Originally, Cap reported seeing these two prior to Rick Jones kidnapping. This took place in the early pages of Avengers #15.
  • Captain America appears to abandon the team in his personal pursuit of Baron Zemo. Originally, in Avengers Vol 1 15, after Zemo had made a strike at the Asemblers by kidnapping Rick Jones, the team had boarded their aircraft to strike at Zemo's South American location. While airborne the team is attacked by the Masters of Evil. Cap, the only Avenger who apparently has no way to safely exit the ship, proceeds alone to Zemo's base.
    • The Captain's decision to abandon the team leads readers to question his mental status as well as noting his apparent irrational nature. Cap will apologize to Iron Man for his behavior and vow to be a better Avenger upon his return.
  • In his showdown with Zemo, Cap deflects a ray blast from Zemo which richochets and causes a massive rock-slide. Originally, in Avengers Vol 1 15 the Captain blinds Zemo from the reflection of his shield and Zemo's wild shot caused the rock-slide.
  • Thor explains his decision to leave the team to Iron Man. In Avengers #16, the Wasp reports that the Thunder god "mumbled something about the Trial of the Gods" (which took place in Journey into Mystery #116 and left.
  • Captain America's battle with Zemo originally appeared to occur simultaneously as the Avengers defeated Zemo's partners the "Masters of Evil". In this issue, his attack on Zemo's fortress in Bolivia takes place after the Avengers have dispatched the Masters of Evil.
  • In Avengers Vol 1 15, Rick Jones is imprisioned in a large glass cage. In this issue, he is restrained on a wooden torture rack.
  • In this issue, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch learn that the Avengers are accepting new members from a report on a flat screen television. In Avengers #16, they learn this news from a newspaper.


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