Quote1 Do you think you're the first person that ever felt like utterly destroying his enemy? It's an impulse as old as time itself... Quote2
-- Black Panther

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Synopsis for 1st story

The Circus of Crime has crashed the wedding of Hank and Jan at Avengers Mansion. After the melee, it is noted that several SHIELD agents providing security have been killed. The Circus of Crime did not do this and the Panther appears to find a clue as he looks at one of the bodies. The Captain America and Iron Man all agree that the Circus of Crime attacking the assembled Avengers was foolish (even for them).

The Government is very concerned about Hank Pym and his nervous breakdown. He undergoes a full batteries of tests that appear to say he is sane and stable. However, he resigns as Avenvers Chairman.

Later the Black Panther, under his alias, Luke Charles is teaching in a Harlem public school. He is concerned about young Delroy, a bullied student, and urges him not to use violence against his tormentors. However, Delroy brings a handgun to school. However, at the same time, Luke Charles is attacked by his Wakandan nemesis the Death Tiger. Death Tiger is about to kill T'Challa when Delroy riddles him with bullets.


  • Primary differences from the origninal stories area as follows:

1.) Princess Python's snake never fully engaged and coiled around Janet van Dyne. The snake was quickly disabled by the Vision's solar beams.

2.) Iron Man and Captain America had left the wedding party, prior to the Circus of Crime's attack.

3.) Hank Pym was never shown formally offering his resignation as Avengers Chairman.

4.) Sub-Plots with the Super-Adaptoid and the Death Tiger have been added.

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