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The Masters of Evil revive Ultimo to attack the Avengers, but lose control of it during the fight. Zemo wants to retreat, but when Enchantress, their teleporter, gets knocked out, the Masters are compelled to briefly join forces with their hated rivals to defeat Ultimo out of self-preservation. Enchantress revives in time to teleport her team out before they can resume fighting the Avengers once more.

The whole time, Wasp is attempting to take photos together so they can feel like a real team. After the fight, with photographer participation from a random kid from the crowd of bystanders, she finally gets everyone to pose for a group shot in front of Ultimo's fallen head.

Solicit Synopsis

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes clash with Earth’s Vilest Villains as the MASTERS OF EVIL assemble! Two teams collide to decide once and for all: will might make right... or wrong?


  • Includes Character Profiles for Nick Fury, Black Widow, Kang, and Loki.
  • Includes a preview of Thor: The Mighty Avenger Vol 1 graphic novel.
  • Mentioned as taking place shortly after Kang's invasion in Episode 14 - "The Kang Dynasty", which was also the last episode to air at the time of the issue's release.
  • For the other three issues of the series, there were two stories with Scott Wegener drawing the first and Patrick Scherberger drawing the second. For this issue's single story, Wegener draws the main plot with Scherberger depicting the photos Wasp is taking as pinup-styled splash pages interspersed throughout.
  • Peter Parker's T-shirt depicts the head of Robo from Atomic Robo, Wegener's own co-created comic.

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