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Kang The Conqueror

Appearing in "Destiny Made Manifest"

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Synopsis for "Destiny Made Manifest"

Opening on the distant planet, Beta Centauri IV in the 26th Century of Earth-9812, a dozen Centaurian rebels furtively haul crates of armaments through back alleys. Preparing to strike a spaceport, they are suddenly frozen in time and space. As the phenomena unfold planet-wide, multiple spaceships resembling Avenger Quinjets descend upon and destroy the cities.

Deploying from the ships are squadrons of specialized soldiers based on Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and Ant-Man respectively, enacting a full-scale ground assault against the immobilized populace. The survivors awaken and encounter Jonz Rickard, commander of "Galactic Avenger Battalion Theta-4". As well as the might of his troops, Rickard wields a mysterious force to break the unsuspecting masses. Not far away, three robed alien figures stand in disapproval...

Back in the present, another Quinjet arrives at a new research facility amidst the ruins of Blue City on the Blue Area of the Moon. Recently the scene of an Avengers' incident involving zealous alien militants[1], the team utilizes its clearance to bypass the S.H.I.E.L.D. and Starcore staff to gain an audience with the building's resident "prisoner", the Kree Supreme Intelligence.

Given the extraterrestrial super-computer's familiarity with the energies permeating their suddenly-afflicted brother-in-arms, Rick Jones, the Avengers interrogate and uneasily concede to leave Rick under its watch for further study. As the heroes exit, the Intelligence has a brief yet ominous dialogue with a cryptic robed figure, skulking in the chamber's shadows.

In Limbo, Immortus solemnly looks upon this unfolding scenario. Gesturing, he freezes time and space on the Moon, dispatching his giant henchman, Tempus, to execute Rick Jones in the space between moments. As the creature begins drawing the life from Jones's body, another force expectantly negates Immortus's doing, creating a localized pocket of restored free-flowing time.

Rick's surprise protector stands revealed as Kang The Conqueror. Outraged by this interference, a heated exchange occurs between Kang and the projected form of Immortus wherein the Conqueror also destroys the time lord's massive lackey. However, Tempus being created from the very stuff of Limbo itself, only serves as a greater portal for Immortus's "Army of the Ages", spilling forth in countless hordes from his shattered remains. Arming himself, Kang wages a single-handed defense.

Nearby, Rick stirs to consciousness as the Intelligence and its shrouded ally realize a prophetically crucial moment is upon them. With that, the robed figure traverses the battlefield, laying hands upon Jones, unleashing seven bolts of strange yet somewhat familiar energy from him[2]. Coalescing, these anomalies appear to be the forms of seven very confused Avengers...


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