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Horus (Earth-9105)

Appearing in "The Destiny War"

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  • "Supreme Cycle"

Synopsis for "The Destiny War"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

  • The Earth's Mightiest Heroes face the onslaught of Jonz Rikard's Avengers Battalion of the future! Meanwhile, humanity stands trial for its very existence - and the counsel for the defense is Immortus?!


Libra's observations reveal why he subconsciously chose these seven Avengers for this mission;

  • Captain America's presence brought cohesion to the team, but due to his recent experiences with the Secret Empire, his weakened mental state due to his current lack of confidence prevented him from dominating it and making it too rigid.
  • The Wasp led the team with strength and flexibility that gave them direction without exerting too much control, allowing them greater opportunity to improvise.
  • Yellowjacket's current instability would drive him to betray the rest of the team, putting them into the right position to strike against the Time-Keepers.
  • Giant-Man provided support while irritating and provoking Yellowjacket.
  • Hawkeye's presence affected both Yellowjacket and Libra's own responses to the crisis.
  • Songbird's skewed connections to Hawkeye, the Wasp and Captain Marvel in the past, present and future affected Captain Marvel's own decisions regarding Rick Jones's fate.

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