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Quote1 There. That is why I consider you Avengers worthy foes. You neither flee nor surrender, whatever the odds. Like myself, you know that combat means something, and honor more! Quote2
Kang the Conqueror

Appearing in "City at the Heart of Forever"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




  • Immortus's drone fighters
  • Kang's time-travelling Sphinx (replica)
  • Rick Jones's "battle-chair"

Synopsis for "City at the Heart of Forever"

Discovered approaching the outskirts of besieged Chronopolis, the Avengers and Libra must combat Immortus's drone fighter ships. Gaining a momentary foothold, they are then ambushed by Wildrun. While the Red Wolf is wounded, dazed and confused, Hawkeye mistakes him for his more familiar descendant. Wildrun regains his senses enough to relay the sad events of the battle, particularly the gruesome gradual chronal decay of his teammates in Kang's elite Anachronaut guard and the alleged death of Kang's beloved Ravonna.

Deep within the bastions, Kang is sipping wine and overseeing safe placement of his replica time machine of the Sphinx, symbolic of his time as Pharaoh Rama-Tut[1]. Unsurprised to find the Avengers behind his walls, they confer once more with Kang divulging that Immortus is after the Heart of Forever, the "trans-chronal engine that allows Chronopolis to exist in every branch of the timestream simultaneously.

Cooling off from his rant, Kang offers the adventurers the remaining comforts of his home to rest and recoup before the onslaught begins anew. During this period, the Avengers get to know each other a bit better. Hawkye receives an upgraded bow while Rick, still handicapped from a pre-existing altercation with the Hulk[2], is outfitted with a weaponized "battle chair", allowing him full mobility and constant protection.

Before long, Immortus's "Army of the Ages" is upon them again. As the clash unfolds, Rick's "battle chair" comes under heavy fire, rendering it useless. Moments from being killed by a Viking aggressor, he is able to harness enough of his sporadic powers to fix his paralyzed legs and enact some Captain America-trained self-defense tactics. However miraculous, this victory is short-lived as Kang orders his forces to retreat. He implores the Avengers to escape in his Sphinx, while holding Immortus from reaching the Heart of Forever for as long as he can.

Reaching the final barricade, Kang braces himself. In an uncharacteristic moment of hesitation, he is bludgeoned by the warclub of Tempus and pinned to the ground. Immortus strides past his giant servant, unlocking the chamber housing the Heart of Forever as Kang yells defiantly. Thrusting his hands into the arcane device, Immortus transmutates it into the Forever Crystal, taking the totality of Chronopolis and its inhabitants into itself; leaving him alone in a void with a near-omnipotent artifact and the Avengers very much on the run...

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