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-- "The" Space Phantom

Appearing in "The Secret History of the Avengers"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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  • Kang's Sphinx
  • Quinjet (Only in flashback) (Earth-616 and Earth-9812)
  • Kree space freighter (Only in flashback)
  • Various spaceships (Only in flashback)

Synopsis for "The Secret History of the Avengers"

Immortus' role in Avengers history is revealed, including his splitting of Human Torch into a second android that would become the Vision and the revelation that the team's every interaction with Space Phantoms was at his behest. Chief among his labyrinthine schemes, Immortus hoped to sow discord and confusion in an effort to keep the Avengers embroiled in earth-bound conflicts and out of the larger cosmic arena.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The time-lost AVENGERS, trapped in the extra dimensional realm of Limbo, finally discover what IMMORTUS' plan entails - and what he's been doing since he first appeared in the Marvel Universe!

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