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Quote1 The name is Quicksilver and if you and your friends don't leave this place at once, my father won't be the only person I kill today. Quote2

Appearing in "The Children's Crusade - Part II"

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Synopsis for "The Children's Crusade - Part II"

Magneto has arrived out of nowhere and snatches up Wiccan and Speed in a magnetic sphere, stating that he will help them find their mother, the Scarlet Witch. The Young Avengers react quickly to stop him. But the Master of Magnetism reasons that if his twin grandsons wish to meet their mother, then they shouldn't interfere, especially if the two are the only links to his daughter. Patriot voices his opposition, declaring that they are allying with a genocidal terrorist (Magneto corrects former). Magneto admits that what happened to Wanda Maximoff is his fault and his alone and his responsibility to correct it.

Then suddenly, the Avengers turn up and attack Magneto; Wolverine, in particular, is mad that Magneto didn't heed his warning not to approach the Young Avengers. Wiccan tries reasoning with them all that finding the Scarlet Witch would make things right. Seeing as the Avengers are refusing to listen to reason, Wiccan teleports his team and Magneto to Wundagore, Transia. The dismayed Avengers then start arguing about how to track them and what to do. Wolverine particularly sees this as an opportunity to find the Scarlet Witch and put her out of her misery.

In Transia, Patriot voices his frustration towards Wiccan for making them fugitives. Admitting that he's sorry, Wiccan offers to send them all home, believing that the search should be his alone. Hawkeye chimes in that they're a team. Wiccan then changes their attire so they could be a little less conspicuous. As they walk, Patriot discusses with Hawkeye about the right-and-wrongs with their recent adventures. Stature and the Vision, on the other hand, are about what to do if the Scarlet Witch brings back the former's father.

Their search first brings them to the grave of Magda, Magneto's former wife. He goes on to explain the origins of his children and their involvement in his Brotherhood of Mutants. To narrow the search, grandfather and grandsons join hands, as Wiccan tries to pick up where the Scarlet Witch is. No sooner than he sensed her, did Speed races into the nearby village, only to run into Quicksilver, who is not happy with his father being here. As Wiccan tries to explain that they came of their own free will, Quicksilver grabs him and races through the village. Speed catches up to him and challenges him to a race.

Quicksilver agrees to one, only for a promontory to shoot out of nowhere, lifted by Magneto at a far distance. As Speed's bragging and requests for another race are ignored, Wiccan tries convincing his uncle that Magneto is really trying to make up for his past. Quicksilver admits that the last time he allowed himself to believe that, his father tried to kill him. He grabs some stakes and starts throwing them at his father. One of them impales a woman who looks just like Wanda. But it is actually a Doombot, implying that the Scarlet Witch has been Doctor Doom's prisoner the whole time.

Solicit Synopsis

THE RACE IS ON as the Avengers, the Young Avengers, and the X-Men compete to be the first to find the Scarlet Witch. When the Young Avengers discover the secret of Wanda Maximoff's disappearance, the Avengers attempt to neutralize the Scarlet Witch before the Young Avengers can find her. But their efforts soon lead to an all-out war between the Avengers and the X-Men that only the Young Avengers can stop.


  • Billy is sixteen in this issue

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