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Quote1 Sorry, Carol, but there's no way I can do what you're asking me to do as part of a team. And certainly not a team that continues to blame the Scarlet Witch for its own mistakes. I am going to try to find her before Wolverine does. Not because you asked me to...but because I owe her that much. We all do. Quote2
Wonder Man

Appearing in "The Children's Crusade - Part III"

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Synopsis for "The Children's Crusade - Part III"

A Doombot has been found to be impersonating Wanda Maximoff. Quicksilver is skeptical that it was Doctor Doom who place the machine in Wundagore, but Magneto concurs, for Doom's powerful magic could be the reason why they can't locate Wanda. Magneto proposes that himself, Quicksilver and the Young Avengers work together to storm Castle Doom, but Quicksilver and Patriot object to going into a trap and starting a war respectively. Wiccan volunteers to use his magic to get and out of the castle for simple recon.

As the night goes on, the searchers decide to turn it. However, Wiccan slips away to enact his spell to transport himself to Latveria, with Quicksilver unexpectedly running up to join him. But the other Young Avengers discover them before they can leave. Hulkling warns Quicksilver that if he even thinks that he can sneak off with Wiccan, then he'll rip his legs off

Meanwhile, the Avengers have brought in Wonder Man to help in their search for Wanda. Their reasoning is that they can use his ionic energy to locate her. But when Wonder Man asks what they are going to do when they find Wanda, Wolverine's immediately answer is to finally kill her, and Wiccan too. He further goads Wonder Man, citing how she chose the Vision over him. Wonder Man responds by punching him down a level.

After a brief talk with Captain America, Wolverine leaves. After he's gone, Wonder Man states that he will not rejoin the Avengers, especially if they continue to blame her for their mistakes.

In the middle of the night, Wiccan decides to head to Latveria alone. When he is discovered by the Doombots, he briefly disguises himself as his own mother, to have them show him to her room. Once his disguise peels off, he is jumped by Wanda herself. When she demands to know what he is doing, Wiccan, unable to come up with the words to say that he's her son, he instead says that he here to rescue her. Unfortunately, he learns that Wanda is going to be married tomorrow. And her betrothed is in fact Doom himself, who enters on cue.

Solicit Synopsis

THE RETURN OF WANDA MAXIMOFF! The search for the Scarlet Witch is finally over as the Young Avengers find Wanda. But is she a hero or a villain? Is she still the Scarlet Witch? The battle over Wanda rages on as Avengers go up against the Young Avengers, Magneto clashes with Quicksilver, Wonder Man battles Wolverine, and the most powerful villain in the Marvel Universe conspires against them all so that he can possess Wanda himself.


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