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Quote1.png It wasn't was me. That tremor was me. Whatever Wanda did, it worked. My powers are back. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Children's Crusade - Part VI"

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  • Quinjet
  • Kree ships (Conjured by Wanda)

Synopsis for "The Children's Crusade - Part VI"

Wanda Maximoff remembers her life as the Scarlet Witch and has regained her powers. Conjuring up Kree ships and Ultron robots, she begins to explain how she blamed the Avengers for the deaths of her twin sons, so she started that events of Avengers Disassembled to send all their sins back at them. Hawkeye, Jessica Jones and Beast then turn, shocked that history may be repeating itself. Jones comments that the Young Avengers found Wanda where no one else could.

However, Beast admits that he found Wanda first and had tea; Hawkeye confesses to sleeping with her. Everyone then becomes shocked at the reappearance of Scott Lang, the second Ant-Man. Wiccan then explains to the newly arrived heroes that the Wanda they met in Transia was actually a Doombot.

Everyone notices that Wanda has lined up the Kree ships and Ultrons to attack her. They intervene, as Wiccan, with Stature's help (who reveals to her father about having stolen Pym particles from him), to get through to Wanda. He tells her that the Vision is back and that he and Speed are the reincarnations of her sons. Wanda apologizes for not recognizing him and stops. Speed is hesitant to reconcile with her, given that she did cause M-Day and murdered her friends.

Hawkeye calls the other Avengers, informing them of Wanda's rediscovery; Quicksilver is jittery to speak with his sister. When Iron Man hears about Scott, he orders Hawkeye to ensure that no one leaves the grounds of Avengers Mansion.

Speed fears that when the Avengers arrive, they will kill Wanda to prevent her from causing anymore damage. Hawkeye defends that murder is not the way of the Avengers. Wiccan counters how Wolverine is intent on murdering Wanda. However, Beast suggests that if Wanda depowered most of the world's mutants, then she could undo it, but only for volunteers. Jones calls in X-Factors so they could locate all the former mutants who've been in contact with them.

X-Factor is hesitant to help, given the last bit of "help" Quicksilver tried to provide with Terrigen crystals that temporarily restored powers to mutants until they couldn't take the strain and exploded. X-Factor turns to leave, but Wanda stops them, insisting that she's only wanting to reverse what she had done. Madrox counters that once everyone hears that she's alive and caused M-Day, every mutant will be out for blood on her. Rictor volunteers to be a guinea pig, believing that he must have his powers back. Wanda succeeds in giving Rictor back his powers, evidenced by the entire building shaking.

Madrox congratulates Wanda to repowering Wanda, but adds that there are a million more former mutants to help. Strong Guy then takes notice that the X-Men have arrived. Wanda decides to go out and help them grant more mutants.

Solicit Synopsis

THE SCARLET WITCH RETURNS WITH A VENGEANCE! With her memory and her powers finally restored, The Scarlet Witch returns to Avengers Mansion for a revealing reunion with Clint Barton and a fiery reckoning with the Avengers that provokes the Beast, Jessica Jones, and the mutant detectives of X-Factor to join the crusade. But will the Scarlet Witch continue the decimation she began in “House of M”? Or will she become the new mutant messiah?

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