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Synopsis for "V-S Day"

The Skrulls retaliate while the Initiative is being destroyed state by state.

3-D Man's glasses are destroyed, but he finds out he doesn't really need them to see.

Casualties happen on both sides, with semi-major players seemingly dying or disappearing.

Solicit Synopsis

It's been leading to this since the Hank Pym Skrull first came up with the idea for a Fifty State Initiative. This is the final assault in the Secret Invasion, a nation-wide plan that will test the limits of 3-D MAN'S superhuman militia, THE KILL KREW ARMY! Join 3-D MAN, CLOUD 9, KOMODO, HARDBALL, and heroes around America in the battle that will decide the fate of the planet and the future of the Initiative program. Win or lose, there's no turning back. After today, everything changes.


  • Takes place during Secret Invasion #8.
  • During the Secret Invasion event, the Skrull Kill Krew was made up of almost any super-powered individuals they could recruit along the way. Few of the members were "official" members, but they all worked together towards a common goal and unofficially joined the team.

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