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Synopsis for "Acceptable Losses"

A blockade of protesters are at the gates of Camp Hammond, scared that there may be Skrull viruses in there, right as a convoy of trucks approaches. The Gauntlet uses his powers to move them aside. Inside the base, a support group has been made for all the Skrull abductees, who are being counseled by Alicia Masters, who had been abducted once before; Dum Dum Dugan refuses to participate, but Doc Samson forces him back into his chair.

In the war room, the Gauntlet informs many of the Initiative heroes that Hardball has defected to Hydra. They are sending the Shadow Initiative to get him, but they need a ranking officer to send them. Unfortunately, the only ones who could was Henry Gyrich and War Machine, who had resigned. Technically, only Henry Pym is ranking officer, but he was replaced by a Skrull; Baron von Blitzschlag raises his hand, but Gauntlet refuses to let him be in charge.

In Pym's quarters, he is with Jocasta, in the image of his currently deceased ex-wife, Janet Van Dyne. They talk over dinner, as Pym cites that his doppelganger used his name and reputation in an attempt to conquer the world, including creating the Thor clone that killed Bill Foster.

In the cafeteria, Hellcat finds Tigra. Notice the strawberries and pickles, they realize that Tigra is pregnant.

Gauntlet, with Komodo, briefs the Shadow Initiative. But firsts, because of his excellent work during the invasion, Ant-Man is awarded transfer to the Thunderbolts. Mutant Zero attempts to leave, but Gauntlet reminds her that Gyrich, who said that she doesn't' need to sit through briefing, is not here. They then inform them about Hardball, who is now on Hydra's side and is stationed in a training camp in Madripoor. Because S.H.I.E.L.D. director Tony Stark is being replaced, the Madripoor government is not very happy and would not be so cooperative. Komodo is giving them info on her ex-boyfriend, on the condition that she comes along. Mutant Zero is unimpressed, as Taskmaster observes her.

As Pym and Jocasta talk leisurely, Trauma knocks on his door, stating that he's ready for a counseling session; Pym pushes him away and goes back to talking with Jocasta.

In the stockade, 3-D Man is released, from the stockade for his killing of Crusader, who turned out to be a Skrull. However, he felt that this Skrull was on their side. He and Ryder then come upon Riot, who is burying jars of heads. They assure her that the Skrulls are gone, allowing her to power down and resume her human shape; she then dies; the two then walk away, knowing that there are Skrulls out there.

Taskmaster soon starts following Mutant Zero before she starts noticing; he states he wants to study her moves. She attempts to fight him, but he demonstrates the skills he learned from just looking. And he could tell just who she really is. Mutant Zero then burns with fire, proving his point as he smashes her facemask, revealing Mutant Zero to be Typhoid Mary.

Trauma is in a session with Tigra, who is concerned over what her child will look like. The former turns in her with a littler of Skrull babies bursting out of his/her stomach. The question is, who is the father, either Pym or his impostor? Tigra considers an abortion.

Jocasta asks if Pym or his doppelganger if he hit his wife years ago; he admits that he himself did; Jocasta reacts with shame, before morphing back to her robot form. Thanking her, Pym then asks if she can do one more favor for him. They both leave the base, pointing out that he was never really present for recent events.

In Blitzschlag's lab, the Thor clone repairs and repairs itself - the contingency plan laid out by the Skrull Pym, in case the invasion failed and he didn't give the failsafe code.


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