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Synopsis for "Avengers: The Initiative - Disassembled (Part 1)"

Officially, Gauntlet is placed as head of the Initiative by default, as Henry Pym had already left. All the other senior heroes have other plans and many are disillusioned by Tony Stark being replaced by Norman Osborn. Tigra suggests that maybe he could hand the job over to Baron von Blitzschlag; Gauntlet snaps over his dead body.

Down in Blitzschalg's lab, he wakes up to find the Thor clone, which he calls Ragnorak, fully regenerated.

Meanwhile, the Shadow Initiative is on a S.H.I.E.L.D. stealth jet approaching Madripoor. Taskmaster offers to cut Mutant Zero, aka Typhoid Mary, if she wants to be cut from the mission. Mary reluctantly reveals her true identity to the rest of the team and when asked as to why she joined up with the Initiative, not the Hood's gang, she answers that she couldn't integrate or shut off her four split personalities. So the Initiative promised to help her, which is still a work in progress, in exchange for her services. The Shadow Initiative then perform a skydive to their target.

Back at Camp Hammond, Diamondback is handing out assignment slips to the graduates, all except Prodigy and Sunstreak, who are placed on probation. Prodigy protests that Sunstreak is a supervillain. His only crime was opposing the registration act and storms out of the barracks. As Gorilla Girl heads home, having been placed on the Initiative reserves, Geiger and Annex complain as to why they didn't have a ceremony like the last class. Diamondback points out that since the Skrull infiltrated their program, the public is in hysteria.

Down in the lab, the clone is seeking its hammer, which it rips out of a vault. Blitzschlag tries the shutdown codes, but they fail to work. He tries to tell the clone that he's not the real Thor, but he refuses to believe the baron and blasts him with electricity.

Up in the administrative building, Ultra Girl is told to hand over her costume that Ms. Marvel gave her, having been requested by Osborn. Also, the New Warriors/Counter Force have been placed as outlaws, now that Osborn is in charge.

Meanwhile, Trauma is having a counseling session with Thor Girl. Before he could admit that her doppelganger had a crush on him, the rampaging Thor clone disrupts their session. Thor Girl could tell the clone was not the real Thor and fought against him, However, the clone's anger only increased its brutality. But before he could deliver the final blow, the Initiative heroes intervene. Trauma turns into Thor to play on the clone's fear about not being the real Thor. Though the trick seemed to work, the clone soon worked out the deception when he noticed Trauma charged, not hurling his "hammer". He throws Trauma through a wall and attempts to finish him, only for Gorilla Girl to intervene. The clone then decides that she will be the first to die, for interfering in his "warrior" wrath. Then out of nowhere, Counter Force arrives.


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