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Synopsis for "Avengers: The Initiative - Disassembled (Part 2)"

The New Warriors confront the Thor clone. Justice declares that he's not the real Thor; the clone doesn't take well to this and declares that they will die for such heresy.

Inside Camp Hammond, Ultra Girl has gotten her old uniform back on, as Norman Osborn sued for the one Ms. Marvel gave her. She discusses with Cloud 9 the implications of Osborn being in charge when the alarm is sounded.

Outside, Slapstick attempts to go one-on-one with the clone between hammers, only to be crushed. The Scarlet Spiders attempt to disable his cyborg systems, but they are too rewired. Soon enough, the Initiative heroes band together to assist them. The clone gets so that annoyed that he unleashes a torrent of lightning against them, deciding to take Ragnarok, for the end of all things.

In Madripoor, Mutant Zero, aka Typhoid Mary comes back from her scouting mission, informing the Shadow Initiative that HYDRA is all over the island; Komodo snaps that they are here for Hardball. Mary says that he is here and isn't too happy. Then, Hardball and Scorpion turn up, with a squad of HYDRA soldiers.

Back in Stamford, the hero separate Ragnorak from his hammer. One of the Scarlet Spiders named Michael attempts to deactivate the hammer, only to enrage Ragnorak even more and kills him. Then, Baron Von Blitzschalg turns up, having absorbed the electricity Ragnarok unleashed against him. He reveals the truth about Ragnorak's origin, which the other Scarlet Spider proves by showing his brother's identical faces. Also, they show that the real Thor has Asgard floating above Oklahoma. Ragnarok then leaves to presumably confront Thor and the Asgardians.

The New Warriors then excavate the body of MVP, revealing to the world that the Initiative killed him.

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  1. Announced he left in Avengers: The Initiative #21
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