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Quote1.png At last! I am made flesh! No longer must I skulk about in mortals' dreams. Now their reality bends to my will. Now Nightmare has come to Earth! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Nightmares"

Donyell Taylor refuses to believe that the thing floating in the tank can't be his brother Dwayne. Baron von Blitzschlag and Osborn correct him -- it is a soulless clone. Osborn offers him a chance to restore his brother... if he works for them.

At a hotel in Las Vegas, Tigra sneaks into Razor Fist's room. The villain then reveals that it was all a trap, but his associates Cutthroat and Brother Grimm were both knocked out. Tigra then grabs him by the throat and demands to know where Night Thrasher is. Just then, Melati Kusuma, the former Komodo, enters the room, stating that he doesn't know anything. Tigra then decides the villain is of a little use and knocks him out and bounds and gags him. She offers Komodo passage away from the States, but she refuses, asking to join the Avengers Resistance. She reveals that she at least knows the layout of Camp H.A.M.M.E.R.

Right at Camp H.A.M.M.E.R., Penance is in another session with Trauma, who still attempts to alleviate him of his guilt from the Stamford incident, but Penance refuses to accept it and barely knows right from wrong. Trauma ends the session, going directly to the Hood and Taskmaster, tired of letting Penance ruin himself, all to cure his mother's insanity. The Hood pulls up his gun, but Trauma turns into his mother, who expresses her disgust to him. This enrages the Hood, who swears to kill his family. Before hostilities could break out, Taskmaster stops both of them and tells Trauma to get back to his job.

At the Baltimore-Washington International Airport, the Women Warriors, along with Constrictor, are fighting off a RAID assault squad. One RAID trooper shoots down a plane. Though Diamondback stays in an attempt to stop it, the rest of her team flees. Only Constrictor manages to use his arm to bring it to a stop before it crashed into her. The Women Warriors and Constrictor go into the terminal, where the former lie in front of a camera. Constrictor is thanked by a mother and her child, whose husband was on the plane. Constrictor hurries into a closet, despondent over having been reminded of his daughter, who doesn't even know he's alive. Diamondback comforts him by kissing him.

At Camp H.A.M.M.E.R., Taskmaster reprimands Cloud 9 for not shooting Night Thrasher and places her on probation and teaching. He then joins Osborn, who tells him to make sure Cloud 9 "overhears" info over where they are holding Night Thrasher, as they did Komodo; he reports the Constrictors performance will hopefully cover for the brutal beating of Prodigy.

Meanwhile, Trauma brings in a cat for animal therapy with Penance, whom he decides to name Niels. Trauma, in the meantime, decides to take a nap. Just then, the base is attacked by the Avengers Resistance. Penance goes out to meet them, noticing that they look familiar. Taskmaster tells him that they are the enemy and he should kill them.

In Trauma's quarters, he feels a pain in his head before he becomes demonic, possessed by his father Nightmare.

Solicit Synopsis

While the Hood makes a captive hero an offer they can't refuse, the stress of Trauma's situation is opening the way for a threat far deadlier than even Norman Osborn. What could possibly be dangerous--and powerful--enough to threaten both the Initiative and the Avengers Resistance? How about an other-dimensional demon lord bent on conquering our plane... and it's not Dormammu. With both the heroes and villains in disarray, who can save us?

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