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Quote1.png Hey. Remember. Everything. And hurt. All at once like that, all the pain, all the guilt...everything in a rush. The thing about a fades. I've lived my worst fears and I survived. Maybe not in one piece, but I was starting to get it together. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Walking Nightmare"

Twenty years ago, in a house in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, a woman named Naomi has slept with a man named Karl, who claims that impregnating her will allow his master Nightmare claim her child as his vessel to conquer Earth; she doesn't take him seriously until she sees Nightmare for herself. Two weeks later, she is rescued by Jerry Ward, who helps her escape. However, Nightmare purposely allowed her to escape, knowing that she and Jerry will marry and raise his child in a "normal life" before he will become his vessel.

In the present, Penance fights against the Avengers Resistance. Then suddenly, Nightmare, possessing Trauma, unleashing terrible horrors on the base. He inflicts anyone with their worst fears and experiences: Penance, feeling his memories of Stamford; Taskmaster, against his team; Hardball terrified at the face of his brother; the Hood, shown killing his girlfriend Sara and his daughter Bree.

Inside Camp H.A.M.M.E.R., Tigra and Scarlet Spider rescue Night Thrasher. Tigra helps Penance awaken and fully face Nightmare, causing him to release Trauma and then disappear. Penance then "accidentally" ignites the gas lines beneath their feet, separating the villains from heroes. Justice offers Penance and Trauma a chance to join them; though it is turned down. The two both face the Hood, who decides to let them off, not wanting anymore to do with the Initiative.

Hours later, Gauntlet contacts their double agent inside Camp H.A.M.M.E.R., revealed to be Diamondback, who was announcing her plans to plant malware in the camp systems. However, as she walks into a room, she finds Constrictor, with wine and roses, downright shocked that she's working for the Resistance.

Solicit Synopsis

Can the Avengers Resistance and the Initiative unite to defeat a classic Marvel villain…or would that be a Nightmare? The lord of horrific dreams has invaded the physical world...and now that the Hood is no longer empowered by Dormammu, the only chance to defeat this near-omnipotent fiend is for two rival squads of heroes and villains to join forces. But how can they fight together if they’re stabbing each other in the back? Guest-starring Tigra, Justice and Taskmaster!

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